Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sautéed In Wrong Sauce*

Been a bit quiet on the blog front, I know. Haven't had anything much worthwhile to say I guess.

How are y'all? Having fun?

Good, good.

I'm still making my weekly trips to the eye hospital. Dr Sam tells me I have to get used to seeing him for at least the next two months. I told him I have trouble committing to relationships, so not to get his hopes up.

I still have to put the drops in every hour of every day which is getting to be a real frickin bore.

Apparently I tested negative for HLA-B27 so they don't think I have AS. Which is good in one way but bad in another... I was hoping for some answers as to why I have to look like an ugly speccy joe for at least another few months.

I only have one pair of glasses and there are a limited number of items in my wardrobe with which they accessorise successfully. I think I may have to become like Anastacia and invest in a selection of glasses to coordinate with different outfits.

Dunno how I'm going to do my next play in glasses though. Its movement based and I do a lot of jumping around with a bamboo stick.

We started rehearsal this week and we got loads accomplished until Day 3 when two of the performers pulled out for personal reasons. So we spent all of Day 3 and part of Day 4 re-casting and we have to start rehearsal again from scratch next week which only gives us 2 weeks to get the show up and running. Thankfully, Bestie Lulu's boy (he of the stabbing incident) has stepped up to the plate and taken over one of the roles. Should be lots of fun with him around!

Anyway, I should be learning lines. Or sleeping. I have to be at the airport at 6am to collect Bestie P & co from la belle France. I hope Miss Piper remembers her godmother... it's been two whole weeks!


* Classic comment by one Mr T Lee on Wednesday night's Rockstar: Supernova. He was talking about Storm's woeful performance of "I Will Survive" and was totally on the money. Yes. I've still got the hots for him. Although I've decided I fancy Gilby Clarke again now too. I still find Dave Navarro one of the freakiest looking men on the planet though. I will never fancy him.


Chai said...

99% sure, eh? Anyway, am glad it's not AS. Didnt sound like such a nice thing to have. Hopefully it's just some minor thing, like reaction to your new mascara etc... Fingers crossed.

Magical_M said...

Sadly, its not something caused by external factors like mascara or contact lenses... they're still fairly sure its blood or gene related but have yet to work it out.

They'd better work it out soon though. I'm getting really bored with sitting in hospital waiting areas... Conde Nast or no Conde Nast.

kathie said...

I hope that they can work it out and that it's something that's at the bottom of the food chain as far as illnesses go, and easily fixed. What a pain about the glasses. Hope they don't get in the way too much.

Dxxxx said...

Ew for the eyes. Hope they sort themselves out stat. Snaps to Mr Lee for the line, that's awesome. I used to have to hots for him many many moons ago. And ditto on Navarro. He is a freakazoid.
Sounds like you're keeping busy. I will be down again at end of Sept, maybe we can catch up? Or your play might even be on then ??


MelbourneGirl said...

my love, if you are to be jumping around stage with a bamboo stick, may i suggest glasses for the entire cast? you will then blend in.


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Magical_M said...

Oh for f***k's sake.

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I'm going to put word verification back on kids.



Locket said...


Ok, now that's out of the way... sorry I haven't been over to visit for ages. have been really busy.. what with the interstate move and the manic depression.

So what's wrong with your orbs? Sometimes they just need a stern talking to. You might like to try staring into the mirror and repeating

"Eye lid you get away with this for the lash time!"

over and over. Or not.

I really miss Sydney.

BEVIS said...

Hehehe ... wanna guess what I thought Locket was asking about when she asked you what was wrong with your 'orbs'?

<sniggers like a schoolboy>