Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let it Shine


I was up early this morning. 6.30am in fact. Far too bloody early for me.

But it was all in a good cause.

I toddled off down to Martin Place to see these lads...

[OK, so I was trying to insert a photo there but this stupid Blogger Beta thing won't let me. Grrr.]

[Pretend there's a photo of Take That inserted here]

Did anyone watch Sunrise?

Jason Orange was off his chops. Bless. He look like he'd just wandered over from Taylor Square. There was lots of interpretive dance and running his tongue around his teeth.


I managed to get pretty close to all the action. If you want to see just how close, check out

I'm trying to upload the video onto You Tube from when they walked right by me and Gary said "alright?" and Mark let me touch his arm like the obsessed fan I am. However on my slow-arse boat anchor of a computer it really is taking far too long. I may have to flaunt the rules and try doing it on Saturday at work.

Right. Off to an audition for some voiceover stuff now. Fingers crossed!


BEVIS said...

Okay, a few points to raise here:

1. I THOUGHT YOU COULDN'T BLOG AT WORK?! (I presume you're at home today, then ... apart from / due to the voiceover audition thing.)

2. Good luck for the voiceover audition thing.

3. How'd the voiceover audition thing go?

4. Did you meet John Deeks at the voiceover audition thing?

5. Do you mean to tell me that you were on television TWICE in TWO DAYS?!

6. Love the photos - number 421628699 is HOTTT!

7. Am I giving you the wrong impression, between this comment and the one I just left on your previous post? I don't mean to. You're safe, I'm not stalking you, and Wifey has nothing to worry about vis-a-vis me leaving her (or even me having "wandering eyes").

8. Um ... Take That? Hmm, maybe I shouldn't blog-associate with you anymore ...

9. Ah, who am I kidding? I have a blog dedicated to The Muppets, and another one that reviews all manner of crappy TV shows like Neighbours, The Fattest Loser, and (soon) READY STEADY COOK!

10. Carry on.

Magical_M said...


You're v. funny.

1. No I can't. But I was at home today.

2. Thanks!

3. It went well... I think I'm in with a decent chance.

4. No. But I would have taken a photo if I did.

5. Possibly. I'm not sure if I made it on screen or not. The v. camp boy standing next to me in a Superman costume may have - if so, I probably was in the corner of the screen.

6. Thanks again!

7. Not at all.

8. No one can criticise my love of boy bands because I am well aware and quite open about how tragic it is for someone of my age and level of intelligence to love them so obsessively.

My friend Britney told me this morning that I will probably be 50 and taking her newborn daughter and my god-daughter along to see the latest boy band of the day. I like to think that will probably be true.

The only reason she wasn't there today was because Miss Ruby decided to make her entrance to the world on the weekend four weeks earlier than anticipated.

I doubt she will be a boy band tragic like her mother and I if she arrived early purely to prevent her mother from getting Howie to sign her pregnant belly, as I suspect was the case.

9. Are you going to do a special Ready Steady Cook post?? COOOOOL!

10. Shall do. As you were.

Chai said...

They look sad (ie. pathetic). Sorry. And regd your computer, is it the computer coming to a grind or just the connection to the net?
If the former, you might want to run a few virus checkers on your machine.
Worst case, reinstall the system (assuming it's a PC).

If the connection is slow, change ISPs.

MelbourneGirl said...

hello sweets. long time. i enjoyed this post and comments but feel compelled to ask you whether you have seen boytown yet? althought take that are still pretty spunky, and i CERTAINLY can not be at all disparaging about love of boy singers (adam ant and all that), the movie is pretty funny and seeing the snaps reminded me of it.

take it easy.