Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Go Sydders Go!

Ahhhh Sydney. City with the freakiest Lord Mayor ever.

Lookit what Clover's doing now.

Clover's Go Bag

Which looks like this

I think its missing a few essential items like an iPod, condoms, chocolate, wine... anyone else care to add to the list?

Oh and I wouldn't be caught dead in those ugly runners. Surely we can be stylish Clover, when we're "on the run" from the evil terrorists.

God this city is weird.

I think I might need to move.


Tyson said...

Flares - not the safety type, but the pants type. If we're all on the run, we should at least have some nice bellbottoms to scuff along in.

Spare Underwear - well, we all have our little accidents.

Emergency Beauty Specialist's phone number - terrorism is bad for your nails, okay?

Magical_M said...


We should also add a couple of nail files and maybe a pot of wax. No excuse for letting the bikini line go wild... emergency or no emergency.

Maybe we should throw in a "get out of jail free" card from the Monopoly set as well?

Chai said...

I think a bunker would be more effective, or is that too 90s?