Monday, June 09, 2008

Time to Move...

Well, all my stuff is pretty much packed (apart from the computer and a couple of bits and pieces) and I spent most of today cleaning the kitchen (I swear the oven is cleaner than when we moved in).

All I have to wait for now is Flatmate B to get her arse in gear and finish packing and start to clean her share. Flatmate A (the painful one) has been surprisingly efficient and thorough. Pity she hasn't been that way for the last 12 months.

Removalists arrive tomorrow, carpet cleaning on Wednesday and keys handed back on Thursday. I can't wait for Friday when it will all be over.

So from tomorrow I am living at Bestie P's house, housesitting while they're in the USA. Then I head to the Irish's Slurry Hills pad for a month, then I have a brief period of homelessness (I'm hoping someone might decide to head off on a holiday from 27 July until 16 August and ask me to housesit - otherwise I'll be wearing out my welcome at Bestie P's). And on 17 August I fly to London!!


Until I get organised and settled at Bestie P's, I may be a little quiet on the blog front. But I guess y'all are used to that now. I won't make you wait too long though.

Back soon, I promise.



BEVIS said...

You'd better NOT make us wait too long! I'm about to burst forth with blogging aplenty (as per your demand on Fits' final post), so I will require people like yourself and the ever-delightful MG to visit occasionally and maybe leave me a comment or two for my troubles.

Otherwise I may feel like it's really not worth it, and give up the ghost entirely.

Yes, I really AM just around the corner from going CAH-RAZY on my blog again. Swears.

Anyway, have a great time house-hopping. Let the UK excitement build!

Melba said...

hope the move went well, dear m_m.

i always swing by here to see what's up.