Sunday, August 23, 2009

This Is How It Went...

Conviction is a wonderful thing.

Let's just check on what we planned last night:

  • Freo will have their game face on.

    Check. They sure did. Pearce was outstanding early on and McPharlin and Pavlich stepped up to the plate like the legends they are.

  • The Bombers will be plagued by injuries and lose their mettle.

    Check. The loss of Lucas and Lloyd, amongst others was always going to be a big factor. A few of the youngsters tried their hardest but just couldn't sustain a comeback.

  • Freo will score a rare, yet convincing win, to keep them safely away from the wooden spoon and the Bombers will drop back to 9th place on the ladder.

    Convincing? Well, I reckon 54 points is pretty bloody convincing. Although the Bombers still hold 8th place, it all comes down to next week, which is virtually an elimination final. Excitement, much.

  • Which, after tonight's solid 42 pt win over the Tigers, will put my boys in the 8.

    We're not there yet, but if we win next week... WHICH WE WILL, we'll be into the finals.

And that's all I'm asking.

Oh and gorgeous scene on the 12:16pm train from Yarraville to Flinders St today:

Seddon station. On jumps Dad, Master Six and Master Four. All kitted out in Saints guernseys/sweatshirts/scarves, with Master Six and Master Four's cheeks painted in stripes of black, white and red. Adorable.

South Kensington station. On jumps Mum and Master Five. Mum dressed casually, Master Five decked out in Kangaroos guernsey and cap, clutching a blue and white flag which is about twice his size in one hand, and Mum's hand in the other. Super adorable.

Masters Six and Four eye up the new addition to the carriage, then Master Four takes a step forward, grabs his scarf, raises his arm and proclaims:


Cue a few raised eyebrows and giggles from fellow passengers.

Without missing a beat, or letting go of Mum's hand, Master Five calmly replies:

"We'll just see what happens at the final siren."

Cue full on laughter, applause and cheers from fellow passengers.

When I heard the final score this afternoon I couldn't help but give a little cheer for Master Five and imagine what he would have said if he'd run into Master Four on the way home...

Bless their little blue & white and black, white & red cottons.


elaine said...

Oh I love that master Kanga alread has that stoicism of a supporter of a never quite one of the GOOD team teams.

magical_m said...

I swear he was a seventy year old man in a five year old's body... bless.