Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's In A Name?

Taking a moment out from the morning's tasks (ironing outfits to go into a gift basket for a 3 year old celebrity child who is currently living in my city while her mum films a movie), I just HAD to comment on today's news.

No, not the fact that the Samoans are now driving on the left instead of the right (what kind of government springs that on their poor constituency?).

Nor the fact that Annie Leibovitz is in waaaaay more debt than I could ever contemplate (US$24 million... how the hell do you rack up debts like that??).

No, this morning's news which I just HAD to comment on was the birth of the newest Richie-Madden offspring.

Sparrow James Midnight Madden. Sparrow. I'm serious. Really. don't lie.

I don't understand. Harlow was such a nice name. Unusual, sure, but pretty. Sparrow is just downright mean. What happens if he's not even the least bit sparrow-like when he grows up? What happens if he turns out to be a big ol' boof like his old man? The only consolation is that at least he'll grow up in Hollywood surrounded by the likes of other strangely named celebrity offspring like Zuma Stefani Rossdale and Bandit Lee Way...

Its like the woman I once worked with who named her child Grace. This woman was fat and dumpy, her husband was fat and dumpy... what in the name of sense made her think that her child would be anything other than fat and dumpy? Seriously, the kid would come into the office and stump around like a sumo wrestler. Nothing Grace-ful about her.

Let's hope none of the other Hollywood mums about to give birth try to out-do Nicole on the name stakes...

Everyone should take a leaf out of Charlie Sheen's book. Max and Bob. Great names. And guaranteed to be highly unusual at Beverly Hills High.


Melba said...

Suri needs a gift basket? I canner believe it. What did you put in? How did you come upon this work? TELL ME MORE!

Go those Cats, hey?


magical_m said...

Kid's clothing company I do the PR for thought it would be a good to send some clothes in the hope that she gets papped wearing them. So we'll see if that happens. They go back to the States this weekend.

And yeah - go Cats! I'll be cheering for you next week!