Monday, October 05, 2009

Don't f*** with Begbie...

In my opinion Robert Carlyle is one of the finest actors of the last 20 years, both in film and TV. He's a scary f***er, sure, but he's a damn good actor.

This article makes for very interesting reading. Nothing new, but interesting nonetheless.

I was particularly interested in reading his views on how very disheartening it is to keep slogging away being an actor when only a handful of people see your work.

I feel a bit like that myself at the moment (not that I'd put myself on the same level as him). But our audience numbers for all of our shows thus far have been less than 20 per show in a room that has a capacity of 100. Tonight will be a smidgen better as one of our lovely cast (who happens to be a primary school teacher... he teaches first graders, which is enough to melt your heart) has all the staff from his school coming along to see the show. Thirty people in one group. Impressive.

I on the other hand have only had 2 friends come to my show. My wonderful flatmate (who did bring along two of her friends); and a friend who is coming tonight (I hope!) who is visiting from Ireland. That's IRELAND people. I can get friends along from the other side of the world, but friends who live locally? Forget about it.

People say they'll come and see your show, but they rarely do. I've got so-called-good-friends who have NEVER seen me perform, despite living in the same city as me.

Quite frankly, its pathetic. And I don't just mean personally for me, but pathetic for the industry.

It appalls me that people would seemingly rather sit home and watch
an old, tired, misogynistic piece of crap like Hey Hey Its Saturday (screened on a Wednesday - go figure) than go and support the live entertainment scene. And really, how do we expect our country to advance culturally if crap like that continues to be produced? Its sickening. And I'm not the only one who thinks that. The wonderful Ms Fits (whose Friday blog used to be a highlight of my week), agrees with me.

I know we're in tough financial times, but really, it doesn't have to cost that much. Those of you with kids - negotiate with a mate or another mum at school to babysit your kid while you go out one night, then the following week do the same for her. There are heaps of cheap shows on which are good quality entertainment - you don't need to be forking out $100+ to see Jersey Boys or Chicago. Our show at Fringe is only $20. $15 if you're a concession. And you don't have to have dinner as well - you can eat before you go out. And take public transport. In fact, I reckon its totally possible to go out for a night to see some live entertainment for less than $40 all up.

And you'll feel much more culturally enriched for it. There's nothing culturally enriching or even mildly amusing about Daryl Somers and his bunch of has-been cronies.

Here endeth the rant anyway.

And if you're in Melbourne, come along to this tonight or tomorrow.


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Chai said...

Och.... Would have attended show if I'd known earlier.
Let me know if you have any more planned.
Will even bring my bikie friends along.