Thursday, April 22, 2010

... I Lost My Mind

I know this much is true.

Standing in the dark I was waiting for a man to come.

I am beautiful and clean.

And so very very young.

I don't have to be so wise.

You're just my fantasy.

And I will fantasize.

I only want to make things last.

So how could this have gone so fast.

If there's nothing else that I can do, I'll fly for you.

So give a little passion to a stranger.

And take this soul away.

Thanks lads. That was magic, that was.


Chai said...

And Deep Purple half off as well! But in Sydney. To cut a long story short :-), one could argue that they're more discerning in Sydney maybe :-)

magical_m said...

You could argue that. Or you could argue that they just don't appreciate culture.

And Spandau is culture. 80's culture. Perfect specimen of the New Romantic genre.

Chai said...

Hee hee....
I liked S.B. but probably not in the vein as you. But then I also liked Scritti Politti. :-)
So what contemporary acts would you find listenable.
Just curious as to what is the natural progression of a S.B., Duran fan.

magical_m said...

Oh there's no natural progression for me... I listen to pretty much anything.

Except Usher. Can't stand him.