Friday, December 31, 2010

Gratitude and Intention

Sorry - it's been a while I know. But having spent the majority of December traipsing around Australia and NZ with Bon Jovi and U2, I haven't had a lot of time for blogging.

I'll save the rock'n'roll stories for next year - not that there were many (apart from one hilarious drive to the hotel with Bon Jovi's manager - the epitome of a rock'n'roll manager who's been in the business longer than I've been buying albums and has amazing tales to tell).

For the last post of the year I am going to take the advice of several of today's horoscopes and a few other inspirational people in my life who have all suggested I make a list of the things I've been grateful for in 2010 and some of my intentions for 2011.

So here we go:


1. Breaking free of an uninspiring, unhappy working environment (the PR job) and setting up my own business copywriting. So far it's proved to be a good move, with steady work and excellent financial rewards.

2. Finally completing The Artist's Way, after attempting it several times over the last 9 years.

3. Having the support of some amazing friends (old and new) and enjoying lots of laughter, fun, food and joy with them.

4. Spending time with my two great-aunts (both in their 90s) and listening to their funny stories of my family. They are both amazing women.

5. Spending time with my oldest friend and her family when her father passed away early in the year. He was a wonderful man and is very much missed but I am so grateful that he was such a big part of my family's life for so long.

6. Skype dates with my beautiful god-children. They make me laugh so much with their funny little ways.

7. Seeing Spandau Ballet for the first time - having been a fan for over 25 years I was so excited about seeing them and they totally lived up to the expectations I'd built up over that time.

8. Buying Kitty Lucy - my beautiful bike. She and I have been spending many happy times together.

9. Celebrating some joyous occasions with friends - weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries... I feel privileged to have been included in the festivities.

10. Seeing so many amazing shows, movies, concerts and exhibitions. Melbourne is such a brilliant place for the arts.

11. Living in a house that feels like a home, with a flatmate who feels like family.

12. Buying my cello - finally (after over 25 years of wanting to learn)!

13. Being gifted some beautiful family heirlooms in my father's cousin's will. I'm so lucky that she thought highly enough of me to be trusted with such treasures and they are a gorgeous reminder to me of what a special woman she was.

14. Ending the year in a much better financial situation than at the start!

15. Ending the year in a much better health situation than at the start!

16. Ending the year in a much better spiritual and creative frame of mind than at the start!


1. To spend more time with my friends, especially those who nurture me so brilliantly. I am so lucky to have them.

2. To cut out sugar from my diet. For many reasons, but mostly because it's the likely cause of some of my remaining health issues.

3. To continue growing my business and to have a steady stream of interesting, creative and enjoyable projects.

4. To save enough money to go to NYC and London for my 40th birthday in June and live it up - large!

5. To have a brilliant 40th birthday surrounded by some of my oldest, bestest friends.

6. To continue to be inspired and inspiring, loved and loving, happy and grateful.

May 2011 be a brilliant year for all of us, with everything we all wish for!


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Stuck In A Moment (aka I Will Follow)

Apologies for the lack of posting... I've been a little busy.

Sound check for U2's 360〫Tour, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

I'm currently following Bono & the boys around Australia/NZ. About to start sharing that love with Jon Bon Jovi and his band of merry men next week...

Sounds far more glamorous than it actually is.

Will hopefully have more time for blogging soon.