Friday, April 22, 2011

Soul Stories

Back in January, my gorgeous friend K posted this link on my wall on ye olde facebook:

I've watched it several times since then and it always makes me question my place in the world. Which is a good thing. The day you stop questioning your place in the world is the day you stop becoming an active participant in the world.

The snippet of wisdom I like most from Brene Brown is her observation that "stories are just data with a soul".

It's how I like to think of my work.

I tell stories.

And my stories are data with a soul.

My soul is many things (restless, contented, melancholy, joyful) and it has many stories.

My lovely friend K who originally shared the joy of Brene Brown with me, inspires my soul and inspires me to share my stories.

She's been away for a while, working up in sunny Queensland, but she's coming home soon. Hurrah! We've already scheduled our regular ACO date and I'm looking forward to having her back in my life on a more regular basis.

I also look forward to sharing more of my stories.

With everyone.

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elaine said...

I like data. But I have the training to see the "soul" within.

Have you seen Information is Beautiful? I dare anyone to view David McCandless's visual representations of data to say that information (data) is not wondrous.

Maybe it takes a designer to get rid of the data-monkeys' boring representations and dry explanations.