Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Missed Me?

I'm back.  Briefly.  Just to say I'm not ignoring you, I've just been busy.  Hopefully you've been keeping up with my doings over here, but in case you haven't:

I'm rehearsing a play.  I'm playing two small roles, with a big cast, set in the Restoration era, and it is lots of fun.

I'm doing Walking In This World, along with two lovely mates in the UK.  I'm loving it and making small but important changes to my lifestyle and work habits.

I lost two beautiful friends.  One took his own life at the end of February at the age of 39; the other died in his sleep a couple of weeks ago at the age of 48.  Both far too young and I'm still struggling to come to terms with it all.

I quit one of my jobs.  Life's too short to not be doing something you love and what I love to do is write and perform.  Working 3 days a week at my other job is enough to pay my rent and bills and gives me 2 days to write and 2 days to rest.  My last day at the second job is this Thursday and it can't come quick enough.

I gave up drinking, again.  I've only told a few people so far... I'm not making any big announcements about it... I'm just trying to stay healthy and save money and I was spending far too much money and wasting far too much time drinking and it had to stop.  I don't miss it, yet.

I'm going to more movies and watching less television.  But I'm addicted to Smash.  It's like Glee for grown-ups, with big Broadway stars.  It's awesome.

I love my flat.  It's so homey and lovely.  I have everything I need now except plants.  I need plants.  Preferably ones that thrive on neglect... I'm not that conscientious when it comes to looking after them.

I love Melbourne in the autumn.  I can't wait for winter when I can wear the big puffer coat I bought in NYC last year and the fur-lined boots I picked up in the sales the other day.

I've booked a trip to Tasmania with a couple of friends for the long weekend in June.  I've never been there... I'm looking forward to it!

Be back sometime... maybe sooner, maybe later.

Hope you're all peachy!


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Chai said...

Pretty sucky news about the 2 friends.