Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All's quiet...

It's seriously quiet at my workplace today.  When there's loads of customers, I'm happy.  I can chat to people.  When it's quiet (like today), I get so lonely.  Which can be bad for the rare customer that does come in, because I tend to chew their ear off.

Oh. My. God.  I'm turning into my mother.

I have the next 5 days off.  Not intentionally - just due to shift swaps, etc, I happen to have five whole days in a row off.

Ordinarily, this would be cause for a holiday.  But I'm a bit strapped for cash, so my "holiday" will have to be from home.  I need to work out some (free/low-cost) activities to do, otherwise I'll spend the whole 5 days sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas watching bad daytime TV.

Suggestions on a postcard please!

In the meantime, I'm going to go and write a shopping list. I have hardly any food in the house.  Domestic fail.


Chai said...

Not sure if you're interested in such... being a thespian and all

It's like 1Gb though...

I can post it to you on a stick if you like....

magical_m said...

A friend in the UK was talking about this a couple of weeks ago - your message prompted me to download it - thanks! There's another one as well - a six parter where an actor investigates a character they've played... for example David Tennant looking at Hamlet and interviewing a whole bunch of other actors who've played the role. Can't wait to get stuck into them all!

Chai said...

Cool. Not heard about the David Tennant one though.

Am currently watching Suits and The Newsroom.

Suits is quite enjoyable.
The Newsroom is excellent!

magical_m said...

Suits is on my next-to-watch list. The Newsroom had me addicted from that spectacular opening monologue of Jeff Daniels'! Made me realise how much I've missed Aaron Sorkin's work... TV for those with a brain. Which is the polar opposite of what Channel Ten is currently scheduling. The Shire? Being Lara Bingle? Appalling.

Chai said...

Oh yeah. Me too. At the time, I was thinking how nicely it was being shot. Yeah, was a good start.

And the x-tension between Jim and Maggie.... I like!

Another series I really enjoyed, but now axed is Bored to Death.
And Terriers (axed), and Human Target (axed) and How to Make it in America (axed).
I think I am being spied on.

And some goss. You know Peggie from Mad Men? And how she is going out with some local guy here?
Well, he was in my class and back then (2000?), I'd emailed him to ask if he wanted some unskilled help on his (student) film but he never replied and I never followed up.
We'd have been best buddies otherwise. :-)

Chai said...

Have you watched the last ep of The Newsroom? What did you think?