Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The A-Z Alphabet Movie Meme

Greetings. Today's post is stolen brought to you by the lovely Pandora, who nicked it borrowed it from The Plastic Mancunian.

(I'm sitting here waiting for my iPhone to do some ridiculous update which will no doubt make the whole contraption run even slower than it currently is, so I figure this is as good a use of my time as any. Plus, it's a bloody good meme.)

A is for Anticipated Movie for 2014
Call me a nerd, but I'm excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. It'll be like an anti-Marvel, Marvel movie. As a rule, I'm not generally a fan of Thor, Iron-Man, Avengers, et al, but I am an ardent fan of some of their villains (hello, Loki and Justin Hammer) so I tend to see most of them. Plus, I ADORE Chris Pratt. If you've never watched the awesome Parks and Recreation, I encourage you to do so. He is hilarious.

Since I adore Pratt (and Parks and Rec), I'm also looking forward to seeing The Lego Movie. [ducks for cover]. I mean c'mon you guys - it has Nick Offerman! He and Pratt are an awesome combination, even in animation!

B is for Book Adaptation I'd like to see
Since they royally fucked up Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero, I kinda have this weird desire to see what they would do with the (written much later after the first movie was made) sequel - Imperial Bedrooms. Yeah.  Try bringing back the main character you killed off at the end of the movie who didn't die in the book WITHOUT resorting to Dallas-style dream sequences and Sliding Doors-style AU's, you muppets. 

C is for Celebrity I'd like to meet
Emma Thompson. I reckon she's probably capital B, BONKERS, but crack open a bottle of wine and bring out a cheese plate and I reckon we could natter quite happily for hours.

D is for Dream director / Actor pairing
Hmmmmm... well. I wouldn't necessarily call it a 'dream' pairing, but I'd really like to see Kenneth Branagh directing Emma Thompson now that they're divorced. With Helena Bonham-Carter co-starring.  I know, I know, it's evil of me, but I reckon there'd be a crackling dynamic going on.

E is for Essential Classic Movie
The Philadelphia Story. Not only is it an awesome movie, with one of my all-time favourite actresses, but I love that Katharine Hepburn acquired the film rights to it after starring in the play, in order to control its adaptation. This was a massive leap in women's rights in Hollywood at the time.

F is for Favourite Film Franchise
OK, I'll say it. I'm not ashamed. DIE HARD. I love the original. I love the much-maligned sequel (mostly because it was set in DC and I love DC) and I love the third and fourth instalments. I'm not overly fond of number five and I think they should stop, but hey. Whatevs. At least it's not Police Academy. Also, ALAN RICKMAN AND JEREMY IRONS ARE BROTHERS, Y'ALL. Need I say more?

G is for Genre I most watch
I'll pretty much watch anything except sci-fi. Or horror. (Unless it's Cabin In The Woods, 'cos you know, that had Bradley Whitford in it and I'll watch ANYTHING that Bradley Whitford is in. Even Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And I can't stand Blake Lively, so you know I'm not lying.)

H is for Hidden Gem
As a long-time John Cusack fan, I have to award this one to two of his early, slightly quirky movies. Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer. Not a lot of people have seen these movies and I'm sure Cusack (and Demi Moore in the case of the latter movie) would prefer to forget that they were ever in them, but I think they're both endearing, low-budget, slightly kooky movies, both of which I initally owned on VHS and now own on DVD. 

I is for Important Moment in my Film Life
1975. I was four. Dad took us all along to see Ingmar Bergman's film version of The Magic Flute. I clearly remember watching the final scene (where they pan out over a group of children surrounding the macking Papagena and Papageno) and saying to Dad - "It's OVER? Can we watch it again now? PLEEEEASE?"

J is for Just right for a rainy day
Usually my rainy day viewing of choice is all 6 hours of BBC's Pride and Prejudice with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, but if you're making me choose a movie, then I would say it would taken from a shortlist of:

- anything by Nora Ephron (most likely When Harry Met Sally)
- Girls Just Want To Have Fun
- Say Anything
- He's Just Not That Into You
- Made of Honor

Hey. It's RAINING. That's a free pass to watch absolute trash.

K is for Kiddie Movie I shamelessly enjoy
Going with Pandora on this one. The Princess Bride. Oh and The Goonies. I ADORE The Goonies. Martha Plimpton is the coolest anti-heroine ever. I'm also a big fan of Toy Story and Monsters Inc. Will happily throw those on the DVD player whenever I have little people visiting.

L is for Location I'd like to visit
I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of of the locations for my favourite movies (the resort in VA where they filmed Dirty Dancing being one of the absolute highlights), but I've never been to either Tuscany (setting for my favourite version of Much Ado About Nothing, by Branagh) or Nantucket (location of the aforementioned One Crazy Summer). They're both on my travel bucket list.

M is for movie I know by heart
There are many, but I can pretty much recite you the entire opening sequence of To Kill A Mockingbird (right up until Aunt Stephanie comes to admonish Dill for going near the Radley house) word for word, including accents and inflections. Of course, given my avatar, you'd expect nothing less, right?

N is for Netflix movie I've watched
Like Pandora said, I'm Australian. We don't have Netflix yet. I am, however, a massive "House of Cards" fan, so if they ever branch out into the Australian market, they will have my business.

O is for One movie I've watched more than once
One movie? ONE??? No. If I like a movie, chances are I will see it many, many times. I've seen To Kill A Mockingbird at least fifty times. AT LEAST. I shudder to think how many times I've seen Dirty Dancing or When Harry Met Sally or Speed or Grease. Oh no. I can't narrow it down to just one.

P is for Preferred Place to watch a movie

Palace Como on a Monday or Tuesday morning when there's NO ONE ELSE IN THE CINEMA*. It's the greatest. Plus, they let you take wine in. Even at 10am. Tell me that's not awesome.

*This has actually happened to me. Twice. Once for The Way and once for Salinger. Coincidentally, both films featured Martin Sheen. Perhaps the good folk of the South Yarra area do not care for Jed Bartlet on the big screen? More fool them. I adore him.

Q is for Quote that inspires me
Hmmmm. Inspires. Well, most recently it was from Saving Mr Banks (excellent movie and Emma Thompson was ROBBED of an Oscar nomination). I really liked Walt Disney/Tom Hank's quote: 

"... because that's what we storytellers do - we restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again...".

Also (and it's from a documentary, but it's one I've always pondered over), from the fabulous Bill Cunningham (Bill Cunningham New York) in relation to his art:

"You see if you don't take money, they can't tell you what to do, kid."

Wise man. Very wise man.

As an aside... quotes I just like for no real reason and am fond of randomly dropping into conversation to keep people on their toes include:

- "There's a band!" (from Pretty Woman)
- "Next to the walkman and Tab, it's the greatest invention of the 20th century" (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
- "Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash" (When Harry Met Sally)
- "And the quarterback IS toast" (Die Hard)

R is for Remakes: Friend or Foe
Foe. Especially the current trend of remaking 80s classics like Red Dawn, Footloose, About Last Night and Fame. I swear to god if anyone attempts a remake of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I will HUNT THEM DOWN AND SHOVE A LUMP OF COAL SO FAR UP THEIR ASS (and no, it won't become a diamond in two weeks, it'll just be horribly painful). On the topic of Fame, I went to see Megan Mullally's show last year at the Forum, and in the Q&A she actually apologised to anyone who'd paid for a ticket to see the remake of Fame. God love her. 

S is for Snack I most enjoy
Popcorn. I love popcorn. There's something about movie popcorn that just reels me in. And I have to have my own box. I don't like sharing. Ever.

T is for Twist that blows my mind
I will admit that the first one that comes to mind is The Sixth Sense. I totally didn't see that one coming. Nowadays I find so many films so predictable that I spot the supposed 'twist' a mile away. I find TV contains more mind-blowing twists (Scandal and House of Cards, I'm looking specifically at you) than movies.  But one that always stuck with me is Primal Fear with Edward Norton and Richard Gere. Man. Not to give it away, but Edward Norton is COLD. Oh and The Skeleton Key. I was roped into seeing that movie and came away freaked out beyond all measure. Still gives me goosebumps.

U is for Unapologetic Fan of...
Bring It On. 

Yeah, you heard me. Bring It On. I love every trashy, tacky, cheerleading second of it.

V is for Very Excited about Award season
Usually I love awards season. However this year they overlooked some excellent performances (the aforementioned Emma Thompson, as well as Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell's awesome supporting roles in The Way Way Back) and made some rather dubious choices (IMHO - Jonah Hill being the main one), so I'm not terribly excited for the Oscars this year. I will definitely watch it though, if only for the 'In Memorium' reel. Holy crap, but that's going to be one hell of a tear-jerker.

W is for Wish I had never watched
I'm probably in a total minority here, but - Blue Jasmine. Seriously. I fucking hated it. The script was horribly bleak and I wanted to slit my wrists at the end. Cate did a good job with what little she was given, but I felt absolutely no sympathy for her because there was no depth to the writing and I'm pretty sure it was just a repeat of her Blanche Dubois at STC. I don't think she deserves the Oscar. You know who I do think deserves the Oscar? EMMA THOMPSON. But she's not nominated, so I'd settle for it going to Amy Adams. I liked, but didn't love American Hustle, but I thought she was ace. Judi Dench was also a cracker in Philomena. I wouldn't mind it going to her either.

X is for XXX movie watched at a young age
I don't know that you could call it an 'XXX movie watched at a young age', but I do recall my mother getting slightly perturbed when she took me to see Zapped at the age of eleven. We were big Happy Days fans in our house and I guess she didn't realise that Scott Baio was trying to break away from his clean-cut Chachi image.

Y is for Your Latest Movie Related Obsession
Does Loki count? Or just Tom Hiddleston in general?  He's pretty much guaranteed to get me forking out the price of a movie ticket and popcorn these days.

Given I'm a Girl-On-A-Budget, you're far more likely to find me obsessing over TV shows at present. Let's talk Scandal. Or House of Cards. Or Parks and Rec. Or Trophy Wife. Or Mom. Or The Daily Show. Or Late Night with Seth Meyers. Or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Or... shall I shut up now?

Z is for ZZZ Catcher
Woody Allen. I'm sorry, but I just don't like the man's movies. I've tried, god knows I've tried, but the way he writes women shits me. The way he tells stories that lack hope shits me (I'd like him to take a leaf from that Saving Mr Banks quote). Plus, there's that whole marrying-your-stepdaughter thing. It's just icky. He's just icky. I can't watch.

So there you go. Borrow/Steal/Create Your Own at will.  I'm heading to Bedfordshire (that's another oft-used quote, thanks Bridget Jones).


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