Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-changes (aka #200)

Post #200. Impressive? Not really. I obviously have a lot of shite to say.

So the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of planning for the year. Quit my job, do at least three plays with the theatre company I'm an ensemble member of, basically, sort my career into something I'm actually happy with.

And it was on track.


See the theatre company I am an ensemble member of, the theatre company I am in three plays with this year, has (as of this evening) basically been disbanded. We've had our space taken away from us. We had a lovely little 60 seat theatre in Surry Hills and all because of one nasty member, her vendetta against another member and her lovesick "I will do anything you want me to as long as you marry me" boyfriend (who was our financial backer), we are now without a home. And the three plays I was in? Well I'll be bloody lucky if I'm in one (that was planned to be on at a bigger venue and is a co-production with that venue, so fingers crossed it will go ahead).

It really pisses me off that because of one person's vendetta towards another, I have to suffer the consequences. This person has everything she's wanted now. She is about to marry a millionaire and go and live in New York. If she wants an acting career, he'll buy her one. She will have money, flash cars, luxury houses and she won't have to lift a finger to support herself ever.

Meanwhile, the hardworking person who ran our company will get her visa revoked and will have to move back to the UK after she's put in so much effort in creating opportunities for us.

And I am faced with not having any theatre work this year after having already put in a bucketload of work on three plays. And I have to re-think my whole plan for the year. Because I don't have the millionaire boyfriend who will buy me a career. I have to work on getting that myself.

But I think I still need to quit my job. Its time.

Seriously pissed off.

I can only hope that karma will come along and bite this girl on the ass. But it won't. She'll have the charmed life. She's that kind of person.

Why is it when you think everything is going ok it turns around and gobs on you?

Not a very nice post for #200. I promise #201 will be more positive.



Chai said...

Sounds like the framework for a soapie, if you ask me. :-)
Something will turn up. It always does (I hope).

BEVIS said...

Can I ask something unrelated?

'kay, thanks.

When's your episode of Ready, Steady Eddie, Cook going to be on, exactly?

Email me if you don't want to let the world know but you're fine with me knowing.

Or don't, and I'll never mention it again.


elaine said...


I hope some sweeeet deal comes your way soon.