Friday, March 21, 2008

No he's not mine...

I'll admit I have put on a few kgs in the last year, but not because I've started sprogging. I leave THAT to my friends. There's plenty of them out there procreating... I'll leave it up to them for the time being. (BTW congrats Bevis!)

This cutie pie is my new (and first!) god-son. I have several god-daughters (including his big sister) but little man Tate (or Potater or the Tater Tot as he is already being called by we evil adults) is my first god-son.

I'm rather proud of him. He on the other hand, seemed none too enamoured by our first meeting two weeks ago:

How funny is that look on his face? I'm sure he's thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts. Like "who is this woman and why is she grinning like a maniac?"

So. Anyway. Tater-Tot. His arrival two Sundays ago was the start of a busy couple of weeks for me. Lots of things happening. Like...


Yoiks. Yep. Quit the company I've worked at since my first year at drama school about 6 years ago. As regular readers may remember (non-regulars, scroll down a few posts - I can't be arsed linking it), I had applied for a couple of different jobs at the place, but they turned me down. That turned out to be the big kick in the butt I needed to get me looking elsewhere.

And you know sometimes when you start looking elsewhere, how things just fall into place? Within ten days of missing out on the two jobs at my current company I was offered two jobs in other companies, both of which are infinitely better (as well as being better paid - woohoo!).

So I finish at my current employer on 18 April. Before then, I'll be starting on the other two jobs (both are part-time - one during the day and one at nights/weekends). And best of all the day job is paid acting work. Doing workshops in schools. Cool.

So that's one of my resolutions for the year well underway to being ticked off the list! Now I have to concentrate on the other important one which is finding a new place to live. Not the easiest, given the state of Sydney's rental market, but I reckon it'll happen sooner than I expect.

And its not quite April. Which means my first quarter of the year is ticking along in time to The Plan quite nicely.


If my boys win on Sunday then this week will officially be classed as a dream week.


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