Friday, August 15, 2008

Just two more sleeps...

And I'm on that plane!*

Wow that has come around quickly.

I will attempt to do as much holiday blogging as I can and keep you all (all, what three of you who still read my blog?!) updated.

I may even include photos. Although I don't have a theme. Last holiday my photo theme was pubs. Since I'm still not drinking (3 weeks left of antibiotics... grrrr) I might need a new one. Any suggestions?

Oh and I know I said I wasn't going to watch any of the Olympics but tonight Bestie P's hubby made me watch the kayaking. Well, not made, but he was watching it and I got sucked in by Tom Williams' classic commentary. The man makes Bruce McAvaney sound unpatriotic... he is hilarious! He deserves a gold medal for most unashamedly biased and amusing commentary.


See you from the Northern Hemisphere!

Oh and go Hawks. I'm taking my scarf with me just in cases.**


* "That Plane" being Virgin Atlantic. Right now I wouldn't fly Qantas if you paid me to fly first class... not only are their planes dodgy but everyone I know who's flown on Qantas in the last few months has had severe delays... Bestie P's recent SYD-HK flight was delayed by SIX HOURS! And she was flying with a 3 month old and a toddler. Imagine the horror...

** Love Actually. If you don't know the quote don't worry. If you do, then you'll get it.


Melba said...

good to take the scarf. i had my hat of victory with me and it appears in many photos in scotland.

a friend of mine is a hostie on quaint-arse and he tells me it's a media beat up. ie yeah these things happen but the media is reporting it when it happens to qantas, but that it also happens to the other airlines as well.

mmmmmm. not sure if i buy it.


have a great trip.

theme suggestion = ice creams? eat as many as poss and take photos. or coffees? if you drink coffee.

um. what about spunky men? take surreptitious snaps of spunks...

i'm out of ideas now.


Dxxxx said...

Hey darl!! Wow it has come quickly... you will have a blast!! And at least it should be something resembling kind of warmish over there at this time of year. I'm a fan of mg's coffee idea, but then i am a caffeine addict and Im a fan of anything coffee lol. I'm also a fan of icecream and spunky boys tho too lol. U should catch up with the old roguey over there and aussie it up together haha. Take a little aussie icon or toy with you and take piccies of him all over the place.
Yes please try and keep us updated on your adventures. I know i rarely comment anymore but i do come by and catch up when i get a chance to take 5 mins out of my crazy life.
Enjoy. And go and see some old skool bands if you can for me.

Melba said...

hello girlfriend, where you at?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Where are you?! I need a link to your review of hamlet!!!!

hey said...

Bevis is off to the hospital today - Wifey delivering a new cherub!