Thursday, July 01, 2010


Back in January, I set myself a challenge to post at least 52 times in 2010.

Observant readers of this blog will notice that my previous post on the erstwhile 80s glam-rock pin-up turned porky drunk driver Vince Neil, marked my 52nd entry for the year. What a topic for me to pick. Onya m_m. Let's attempt to lift the game on the topic front, shall we?

[administers slap to head]

So anyway, I think it might be time to set myself a new challenge on number of blog posts for the year. It is, after all, the beginning of a new financial year here in Australia. What better time to set new goals?

Trouble is, I think 104 (double 52) is a bit too predictable. So I would like YOU to suggest a number for me.

Suggestions on a postcard please. Or in the comments field below. Your choice.

In the meantime, I'm going to get onto the wearing of the 52 different pairs of shoes, which I have so far neglected rather badly. I blame my inability to comfortably wear stilettos anymore. Signs of ageing, much.


Melba said...

I suggest 200 for the year.

Also I would like some of those posts to feature your shoes.'

Thank you.


The Man at the Pub said...

123. Then you can sing 'ABC' by the Jackson 5 whenever you are feeling a bit unmotivated. Blogging is as simple as 'doh re mi' etc.

52 pairs of shoes hey. You're not a former Philippino dictator's wife are you?

kathie said...

52 shoes? Wow! I am impressed that you even have that many to wear. I don't. Obviously I am deprived.

I think blogging should be something that you don't feel obliged to do. So, I'm not much help with setting a goal. How about 99? It doesn't sound as daunting as 100.... bit like the car prices in car yards, lol