Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Things I Miss


$18.99 a kilo at the moment. It kills me, especially as when I was in NYC a few short weeks ago they were 5 for $1. And that's a US dollar, which means they were probably about 5 for A$0.95. Gah. Makes this great idea a tad difficult...


Even though I'm not supposed to really be eating wheat, I couldn't help but treat myself to bagels every morning while I was in NYC. They're so gooooooood. Not like the shitty supermarket bagels you get here. I have however, tracked down a kosher bakery in Melbourne and will be road-testing their bagels tomorrow on my way to work. Watch this space. I doubt they'll have blueberry flavoured cream cheese to go with a cinnamon and raisin bagel, but at this point in time I'll settle for the bagel with plain old Philadelphia cream cheese.

Piper J & Tater Tot

For reasons beyond my understanding, I've had zero communication from their ma (scroll through previous posts for context), therefore I haven't actually spoken to my godchildren since March. That's a long time. I sure do miss the little munchkins. I hope they're well and happy.


I have a new wardrobe full of cute little summer outfits (not to mention shoes!) bought in NYC and London and it's frickin' freezin' (albeit sunny with blue skies) here in Melbourne... the only thing I can wear is the new North Face coat I bought on my last day in NYC. Hurry the feck up, Summer.


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