Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clearly, It's* Not Going To Happen

But I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I've been doing other stuff. Not all of it important, not all of it related to the book I'm writing, not all of it procrastination. But stuff.

And stuff can just get in the way of doing what you think you 'should' do.  Or at least it does for me.

For a change, this NYE, I am going to a party. A house party, so no ferals in public to deal with, but still a change from the last few years of 'hide away from the world and ring in the New Year solo'.  Of course, because I'm going to a house party, I need to take some food, therefore I need to go to the supermarket.  Now. Because it's 3pm already and I need to be at the party around 6.30pm and I have  a bundle of stuff to do first.

I would apologise for not writing a longer post, but I doubt I have any readers left on this blog anyway, so really, who would I be apologising to? Myself?

But just in case, Happy New Year all. May 2014 be everything you wish it to be and then some. And if bad shit happens, well then, don't let it get you down and just apply the Yazz Principle.**

See you in 2014!


* 'It' being my target of 52 blog posts for the year.
** The 'Yazz Principle' of course being 'The Only Way Is Up'.


elaine said...

Happy New Year!

Which is to say, I'm still reading.

magical_m said...

Happy New Year to you too lady and smooches for the wee man! Hope 2014 is fab for you (and yay that you're still reading!).