Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Jollies

Well hello. Happy Invasion/Survival/Australia/Whatever Day. Personally, I see no cause to celebrate a day on which a bunch of people seeking a better life arrived by boat, stripped the indigenous people of said country of all their rights and yet now have the gall to forcibly deny entry to people seeking a better life who arrive by boat.

But that's just me.


That's not what I wanted to write about today.  I don't know what I wanted to write about today, but I did have a few funny things to share with you (for no reason whatsoever, they just tickled my funny bone).

First up, in response to all this Justin Bieber malarkey, I thought this was the funniest response:

Billy Eichner is the bomb.  And this tickled me no end, especially given I've just finished watching the amazing Allison Janney in Masters of Sex (highly recommend watching it - it's fab) and am currently watching her in Mom.  Bloody brilliant woman. I adore her.

Secondly (and kinda continuing on the theme of what I consider to be the greatest TV show of all time - The West Wing), we have this little gem:


My head damn nearly exploded when I saw this, and not just because it features my favourite two Joshes (the fictional Lyman and the actual Malina), but because, well... Just get hold of a copy one of the episodes and watch them. They're two of my faves.

My next favourite video of the weekend is this one:

Adam Scott (NOT the golfer) is genius. He's like a nerdy kid who has managed to convince all his nerdy friends to do nerdy stuff like this.


The cameo by Tam Honks is five seconds of funny and can I just say?  Paul Rudd. That man DOES. NOT. AGE. What is his secret?

I'll leave you now with my final awesome thing of the week, which is this photo:

Nick Offerman and Rob Lowe, in what appears to be a photo snapped between takes filming this scene (which for some reason, I am unable to embed), from this week's Parks & Recreation. They are funny, funny men. 

"Why are you yelling?"
"Tom all put all my records into this rectangle"

So. There you go. A few funnies to tide you over.

Oh and if none of those things put a smile on your face, the fact that Robin Thicke's misogynist pop song, Blurred Lines, failed to even make it into the Hottest 100 should make you chuckle with joy. I am so happy the good listeners of Triple J didn't condone that man's awful attitude towards women.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow! I'll be having a wee sleep in and then spending some time in the sun, I reckon.


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