Tuesday, July 11, 2006


An actual conversation which just took place directly in front of the box office between two six(ish) year old girls:

Girl 1: "Did you see there was, like, a boy in the girls toilets? And he wasn't young. He wasn't, like, a man, but he was old, about 11 or something."

Girl 2: "11! That's too old. Boys shouldn't be allowed to do that."

Girl 1: "Yeah, I know. Cos boys, they, like, um, smell and stuff."

Girl 2: "Yeah. My brother's a boy and he smells."

I had to stick my head under the desk I was laughing so hard.


BEVIS said...

They make a good point, though.


Sicko workplace.

Magical_M said...

I'm guessing an overprotective mother who didn't want her son becoming the victim of a paedophile.

Or maybe he wasn't, like, 11. Maybe he was a midget with a fetish.

Tuppence said...

The earlier they learn that men smell, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

And yes, Bevis's question was the first that crossed my mind as well!

MelbourneGirl said...

hey m_m. thought i'd head over here to say hi, you know i love you and all that big blogger stuff is CRAP. i would never argue with you. but let's just go along with bevis' twisted mind, ok?

also, go hawks.


Magical_M said...


hi mg!!

[blows kisses]

if we were in the real big brother house you and i would never fight.

we'd be too busy drinking wine, eating cheese and putting the world to rights.

ps - i picked the cats this week. don't let me down!!

MelbourneGirl said...

hey i got 8 in footy tipping!

woo hoo

how was dinner? the barry. you know.

BEVIS said...

Don't fret, ladies. As Audrey/TOBYtoby showed the previous week, any arguments in the Big Blogger House only lead to close friendships the following week. As I've said before, everyone has to be the baddie at some point so that no one is the baddie the whole time. It will pass. It was just your week to cause tension. :)

Have a little faith in me and my more-than-honourable intentions!

BEVIS said...

PS - If it was the real Big Brother House, you wouldn't get any wine or cheese. Perry would have consumed it all!


Magical_M said...

so bevis, does that mean mg & i are gonna get a little action happening in future eps?

oh and if it was the real bb, i would have killed perry by now. ably assisted by mg.

and mg... barry was tops. T.O.P.S.
omigod. i owe you big time for that recipe.


BEVIS said...

Er, that's not quite what I meant, no.