Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Not-So-Super-But-I-Would-Still-Like-Him-As-A Boyfriend

Regular readers of my blog (and those who know me well), will be well aware of my devotion to the youngest (and cutest) of the Wilson Brothers. Imagine, if you will, the horror with which I read this article on the ninemsn website today...

In case you can't be bothered going to the link, I've copied the text below.

Actor Luke Wilson has told how he is too scared to dump girls — so he acts up until they leave him.

The star - who has dated screen beauties Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow in the past - admits he is gutless.

But he says it often works out better that way.

He said: "Even if I want out, I don't have the guts to just leave.I just start acting really surly and cranky until they leave me. I don't think anything's over the line when you want out. You see the fence, and you just start running for it."

Asked how long he normally has to wait before the girl runs for it, the 34-year-old told US radio shock jock Howard Stern: "I'd say you need 90 days. It's almost like double time, though, because three months feels like six months because you're so horrible to be with."


Oh, Luke.

I've loved and lusted after you for so long, and now you dump this on me.

Its enough to make a girl run in the opposite direction.

I'd still go out with you if you asked me though.


Dxxxx said...

Scuse my ignorance of all things Wilson, is Luke the one who was recently in a movie with SJP ?? That one i think is the better looking one, the other one has something seriously funky going on with his nose.

MelbourneGirl said...

of course you would. go out with him if he asked. and you would ask me along as chaperone, wouldn't you????

i like luke too. and yes, he's the one in the sjp family stone movie. cute as.

the one with the better nose than owen. who is currently in the spawn of hawn movie.

Dxxxx said...

Do you not like Kate Hudson ? I think she's lovely! Not that i know her or anything. hahaha

MelbourneGirl said...

no, i'm indifferent to her dxxxx. the spawn thing just came out neatly cause it rhymes with hawn. i just go with it sometimes, you know?

Enny said...


I can't explain it.

Mebbe the nose has magical hypnotising properties, but he is TEH HOTT =o)

Magical_M said...

Yup. Luke. Family Stone.

Yup. Owen. Spawn of Hawn co-star (like the rhyming there mg!)

And yes, mg, you can be chaperone.



Just so's we've got that clear.

Oh and Enny, yes, Owen is hot. But his nose and my nose would produce a very bad nose for a baby, so Luke has to father my babies.

Chai said...

So this is girl talk, eh? Isnt there an older actor brother as well?

Magical_M said...


His most notable role was as the chauffeur for Tim Curry's character in Charlie's Angels.

You know, the scene at the racetrack when Drew licked the steering wheel.

Chai said...

Obviously I am out of my league here.

MelbourneGirl said...

oh chai, you make me laugh

[ruffles chai's hair affectionately]

BEVIS said...

But mummy! I wanna talk about pretty girls!!

[pouts in corner]

Chai said...

Hey! Not the hair.

Magical_M said...

now boys.

you just let the ladies indulge in their fantasies.