Monday, August 07, 2006

He was a hard headed man...

He was brutally handsome.
And she was terminally pretty.

I love that song lyric. Its playing right now on iTunes and I thought I'd share it with you.

Aren't I nice?

Sooooo... I have a new contender for my
GR3. Just one. Alan and James can not be replaced, but Kenneth can. Sorry Ken.

He's been replaced by this man:

I know, I know.

Its just not right, is it?


You see, I've been watching this show and I've gone gaga for him.

Wrong. Its all wrong.

Anyways... let's change the topic. Its creeping me out. He creeps me out. But I still fancy him.


Ummmm... my eye is kinda better. Turns out it wasn't conjunctivitis like the doctor at the Uni Health Clinic (UHC) told me after a perfunctory glance at my weeping eye. Don't go to the UHC. Bad bad bad. I went to my GP a few days later after what the UHC doctor prescribed failed to work. My GP freaked out at the sheer incompetence of the UHC doctor and ordered me to go immediately to the eye hospital. Did you know that we have a hospital in Sydney just for eyes? I didn't. Its in Macquarie Street. Its a very strange place. I think Billy Ray Cyrus is moonlighting as an orderly and Mimi from the Drew Carey show works in the office, alongside Mr Mann from Little Britain. They also have the most extensive range of vintage Conde Nast magazines (Traveller, Vogue, GQ) that I have ever seen in a waiting room.

Pity my eye hurt too much to allow me to read them all.

Anyway, after 7 (yes, that's SEVEN) hours waiting in the emergency room of the eye hospital, I finally get to see an opthalmologist who actually looks at my eye properly and decides that I need a chest x-ray and blood tests. I know, it was my eye, not my chest or my blood. I did say that to him and he laughed and told me to shut up and let him do his job.

I like a doctor you can banter with.

So I sat in a little room trying not to throw up while Dr Dracula takes about a gazillion vials of blood (I have issues with needles... I'd be useless as a junkie) and then I schlep off to the x-ray room. Did you know they process x-rays on the spot now via what looks like a PC and a photocopier? Its cool. I sat there trying to diagnose myself while the x-ray lady was checking to make sure it had turned out right. I was sure I spotted a growth in my lung, but she said I had an overactive imagination.

Which I do.

So then, I go spend $50 at the pharmacy to get two TINY bottles of eye drops and go back to wait for Dr Sam to tell me what I have and what I need to do.

It turns out that what I have is called Iritis. Inflammation of the iris. Fair enough. So why the blood tests and x-rays? Well, its actually a "symptom" of a few different HLA-B27 related diseases, but what he thinks I have is called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I find out for sure on Wednesday, but he's 99% positive.

At this point my head is spinning from lack of food (when you go to emergency at 11am, you really don't bank on still being there at 6pm) and information overload, so Dr Sam writes it all down for me to google at my leisure. That's what he said. Really. "Google at your leisure". He's a cool guy. A little nerdy, but cool.

So I go home, put the drops in (every HOUR for the next MONTH) and a few days later Wikipedia myself silly.

If you can be bothered going to the links, you'll see all the ins & outs of what it is and what can or can't be done. My grandmother apparently developed rheumatoid arthritis when she was my age, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by any of it. And I have to say I'm not particularly bothered by it either. Because it means I actually have a name for it, rather than just putting all the symptoms down to "getting old".

What REALLY concerns me (and I think I may need treatment for this too) is that when I Wikipedia-d the AS, I got quite excited by the discovery that Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe bandmate of aforementioned Tommy Lee) is also a sufferer.

I'm not right. I'm really not.

I'll report back soon.

Hope you are all well. Especially you MG... I didn't like the "anonymous" comment I read earlier on Locket's blog. It upset me. I'm sending you hugs.

While I think of it and completely off-topic yet again, I bought my soon-to-turn seven year old niece "Charlotte's Web" for her birthday. Is she too young for it? I think I read it when I was about 5, but then apparently I was reading in the womb and always read waaay above my age group. So I'm not sure. Has Princess read it MG? If so, at what age?

Oh and Bevis, what's going on with BB? I'm waiting for my umpteenth nomination! And maybe a bit of biffo with Feral when I finally get a-victed.



MelbourneGirl said...


mimi can't be working at your eye hospital because she's working at my local russian deli. maybe it's her sis.

also, wouldn't it be irisitis? just thinking is all.

and re that comment. don't know where it came from but i think i dealt with it ok? huh? it wasn't the cotter.

take care, okay?

happy census night.

MelbourneGirl said...

ps re charlotte's web. i first read it to princess when she was 4 or 5, so i don't think it's too young. we love it and i always cry when charlotte dies. nothing wrong with "feelings", as princess and i always say.

kathie said...

That all sounded strangely reminiscent of my immunology classes at uni. I can't remember a single thing about AS anymore though. What a waste those years were *sigh*. Good luck with getting the eye better and remembering the drops every hour. I assume you get to sleep.

Tuppence said...

Take care of yourself, M.


your said...

phentermine nice :)

your said...

phentermine nice :)

Magical_M said...

thanks y'all!

except you, "your". spam is not welcome here. don't make me turn on word verification...


Magical_M said...

phentermines. what the hell are phentermines anyway?

MelbourneGirl said...

the opposite of phenteryours.

your said...

phentermine nice :)

Magical_M said...

ha ha ha ha - your obviously liked your answer mg!!

your said...

phentermine nice :)

BEVIS said...

This is a most amusing conversation!

Wouldn't you say, Your?

Your: Nice! :)