Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And They're Off!

These are my tips for the Melbourne Cup. Just in case any of you are undecided and need some assistance.

I should preface my tips by saying that I do not choose my horses on their form, nor their heritage, nor any other rational, educated means of selection.

I choose them purely on the colours the jockey is wearing, the name of the horse and (sometimes) who the jockey is. But that's usually only if Frankie Dettori is riding. You can't not put a bet on a jockey who's hosted Top of the Pops.

But anyway. I've picked more winners using this method than some of my, ahem, let's say, more form-minded friends have and so I trust it. It works for me.

And I would like to share it with y'all. Cos you never know, it may work for you. Just don't hold me responsible if the outcome is not what you had hoped.

Magical_M's Top 3 Melbourne Cup Tips

1. Dizelle. Because the jockey's wearing pink. Shut up. Pink is my colour. Also the name is a cross-between sounding ethereal and bimbo. Snaps for that.

2. Geordieland. Because my grandad was a Geordie. And Frankie Detorri is riding him. The horse, not my grandad. That would be both wrong and impossible because my grandad died years ago.

3. On A Jeune. I like the name. Its tricky. And, West Coast won the premiership this year, so its a year for last year's runners up to take the flag. Its my theory... just humour me.

See you at the TAB.



Enny said...

... bummer ;o)

Magical_M said...

big time.

but... in some weird quirk, whilst standing in line at the shakey (nearest pub to work with TAB) I suddenly decided to whack a few bucks on a place for pop rock.

so i came out even... ish.

would you believe i decided against betting on delta blues purely because the name delta makes me shudder?