Sunday, May 06, 2007

Buddy Marvellous

All hail the Young Chief.

[cue music - "Hail to the Chief" played by a brass band]

Nine goals yesterday against the Bombers.


Five of them in the second quarter alone.

The last Hawk to score nine against the Bombers was Jason Dunstall. The Big Chief. We do not refer to him as the Old Chief because that would be rude. We love Jase.

I can see a return to our glory days... as I write this we are in the wonderful position of 4th on the ladder. FOURTH!!! We haven't been fourth on the ladder for decades.

[insert joyful, happy dance]

Oh and its me, m_m, by the way. I doubt any of my lovely guest bloggers would write on such a subject.

Snaps must also go to my other favourite boy, Campbell Brown, for such a sterling effort in the back pocket. He kept them well quiet.

There was much silent cheering going on from my sofa yesterday afternoon. Silent because I have no voice... a glandular virus has swollen my throat to almost unbreathable proportions. I made up for the lack of volume with lots of arm waving, clapping, punching the air and bouncing up and down on the sofa.

What a wonderful day.

Oh and on things non-football related, a belated Happy Birthday to the lovely Vetty, whose birthday it was on Friday. Much love to you Cake!



Peter said...

Well, you're not fourth now and it's taken you about 10 years to rebuild while it's taken Port two. In that time you've had an absolute wealth of first round draft picks, including the selection of Hodge over Judd (heh, heh). I suspect most of your success can be put down to your ex-Port coach and his recruit of ex-Port personnel - Hardwick (coaching), Gilham, Guerra...

Betty the Blue said...

I watched that game. He was amazing!

Magical_M said...

Now now Pete. No need to be rude and gloaty and smug about my team. As a newcomer to my blog I would have expected less rudeness.

You would do well to watch what you say about my boys in the future or you could find yourself being banned.

And Betty, thank you! Obviously no such reprimand for you... we love people who call our boy amazing and you are welcome here anytime!