Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gone Fishin

Apologies for the few of you that still tune into these pages... I meant to write a post before I left but ran out of time. I have been freezing my patootie off in Melbourne for the last week and a bit (note to self: when visiting Melbourne at this time of year, pack warm clothes). Now I'm in Adelaide and the same note to self applies. Luckily my 16 year old niece wears the same size clothes as me so I can always borrow from her very stylish wardrobe.

I will be back in sunny Sydders next Monday and will update y'all on the world then.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a topic for discussion.

Charla from the Amazing Race.

Your thoughts in the comment section please.


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BEVIS said...

Haha - as if I'd have the time to comment on Charla here! I've said everything I want to say about her on my TV blog. But I didn't want to leave your blog without saying ...