Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From 4,600 to 5,400

I just looked at my profile info and between about July last year (when I last updated my "Favourite Music" answer) and now, I have managed to accumulate an extra 800 songs on my iPod. No wonder I have no freakin' money!


Hello! Happy New Year to those of you who still even bother checking in on this blog. Show of hands please? Actually, no, don't bother. A lot of you are my Facebook friends anyway so I doubt you even visit here anymore. Ah well. That's actually a good thing. Gives me a touch more anonymity.

Anyone make resolutions? If there's none of you reading then I guess the answer will be no, because there's no one reading, therefore no one makes resolutions... yada yada yada. Shut up Noodle.

I made a few. Some are the same ones I make every year, like getting fit and eating more healthily and drinking less but I know I'll never really stick to those. They're just padding if you will.

This year I have made three resolutions I would like to put "out there" in a bid to actually motivate myself to keep them. If anyone out there is still reading this blog then please do me a big favour and at random times throughout the next couple of months, drop me a line to see if I'm keeping on track. I'd really appreciate it. Of course, if you can't be arsed then that's fine too.

So. Here we go.

Resolution #1
Move house. I have lived in share accommodation since I moved to Sydney from London and its about time I grew up and moved into a place by myself. There are several reasons for this, which include (but are not limited to):

(a) I'm clean. I like to clean the bathroom every week. Sometimes every few days. And I like the kitchen sink to shine. None of my fellow housemates have ever shared this disorder and it regularly drives me insane that I am the only housemate in my current house who sees the need to clean on a regular basis.

(b) One of my fellow housemates is jeopardising my credit rating by continually failing to pay her share of the bills or rent on time and everything is in my name. Also, she manages to rack up a huge usage of electricity through having both a fan and a fan heater on in her room constantly. And she always leaves all the lights on. And several times in the last couple of months she's left the house unlocked and unalarmed. Basically - I can't live with this girl anymore. She's doing my head in.

(c) The other flatmate (who is lovely) will be spending most of this year overseas completing her PhD and doing the film festival rounds with her documentary. And she wants to sub-let which means getting a new flattie in for about 6 months. And who knows what that person would be like and do I really want to bother getting to know yet another housemate? Really, I'm too old for that shit.

So yeah. I need to move house. Hopefully one of my friends is moving out of her flat into a bigger flat with her lovely boyfriend so I can take over her lease. Provided my credit rating isn't completely shot thanks to painful current flatmate. I'm hoping that all this will happen around March.

Resolution #2
Get a better job. I don't necessarily want to leave the company I work for, but I need to get out of the box office. Customers are doing my head in. When you're at the point that you want to regularly slam their heads into the wall because of their sheer stupidity, you know its time to get out. I have a couple of options I've thought up and I'm going to hopefully get a meeting with the big boss sometime this week to discuss them. Neither involves customer service and both involve working the more acceptable hours of 9-5 (ish) with 90% of weekends throughout the year free.

Resolution #3
Save enough money for a trip to the UK and Europe. My aim is to catch the last couple of weeks of the Edinburgh Festival and in a bid to cement myself into actually getting the hell on the plane, I have already booked and paid for a ticket to see the fabulous David Tennant playing Hamlet at the RSC on September 23rd.

So those are my three major resolutions. I also have another one about not getting too upset when the Hawks lose in the finals again this year, but I have a sneaking suspicion that because I am planning to leave the country for the latter part of the season, they will take the flag and I will be on the other side of the world so will not be able to participate in the joy of walking around Sydney singing "we're a happy team at Hawthorn". Bastards. How dare they deny me that pleasure?

I also want to write more. I'm thinking this is a good start.



Miss Pom said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions! I have already broken mine...ho..hum...

Did you buy your Hamlet tickets online? I will probably be living in London then and would love to see His Dreaminess. Do you have any info?

Miss Pom said...

Um..I can't seem to post a comment here from my new blog but I'm now blogging at:


p.s. My word verification had 'pms' at the end. How did it know?