Sunday, January 20, 2008


Flattie G (the good one) and I have spent many nights over the last few months re-aquainting ourselves with those lovely Manolo/Cavalli/Prada clad ladies of the Big Apple.

Having today watched six episodes of Season 4 back to back (including the one where Carrie breaks up with Aidan, at which I remember shedding a few tears back in the day... I just didn't understand why she wouldn't stay with a man who was so devoted and adorable), I have observed an annoying script device which I don't remember really paying attention to back in the day when I would watch it once a week, late night on Channel 9.

I refer to the predictable mid-episode voice-over of:

"Later that day/night" a (usually) scantilly-clad SJP curls up in her fabulous $750 per month rent-controlled apartment on the Upper East Side (do those apartments even EXIST??), (usually) puffs away on a Marlboro Light and taps on her Macbook...

"As I [insert theme of episode], I couldn't help but wonder [insert witty observation about said theme]"

After the word "wonder", cut to said witty observation being typed out on the screen. Always with perfect spelling... I have yet to see her make a typo. No one is that good a typist.

Scene then cuts to somewhere else and voice-over is (usually):

"Meanwhile, uptown/downtown/on the West side... Samantha / Charlotte / Miranda was..."

I couldn't help but wonder tonight (as I sit here, scantilly clad, tapping away on my ancient PC)...

Why, if this show is so predictable and formulaic, do we love it? I use the royal "we"... I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who dislike the show immensely, but you can't deny, it was a huge hit for women the world over. Especially ones like me, who found solace in the fact that we weren't the only ladies who found themselves single with a shoe-fetish, an addiction to cocktails and inappropriate men and even more importantly, were reassured that there was NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Maybe that's why. Maybe its nice to for the media to affirm that its ok to be single when you are surrounded by smug married types who shoot looks of pity on a regular basis and flaunt blatant PDAs in your face. No. There is nothing wrong with being single and having a life filled with shoes and not children. We don't all have to live on Walton's Mountain or at the Huxtables you know.

Its nice to be visiting the girls again.

But another thing I can't help but wonder is will these new shows (Cashmere Mafia and Lipstick Jungle) live up to the standard already set by Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte? They do have the Star man (Darren) behind them, but has he already had his one Big show?

I await February (and the return of the ratings period) with great anticipation.

In the meantime, Seasons 5 and 6 will have to keep me happy.

I just wish I could find an apartment like hers, for only $750 a month.

And an Aidan. I always had a soft spot for John Corbett, although I did go through a brief faze of thinking Chris Noth was attractive. I got over that every time he sniffed (those enlarged nostrils... ewwww).


MelbourneGirl said...

don't know if you'll see this comment. but anyway.

i had never seen a whole sex and the city episode. i went overseas just before it started here in australia, the first time. so i think that was 1999? i remember reading about it in the papers, about this great new show that was doing well in the states etc etc. about candace bushnell etc, about how wonderful it was going to be.

and then i left the country.

then i came back a year later, and of course it was established, and the storylines were all set and happening. so i couldn't pick it up, i was busy blah de blah. i remember once i turned it on, mid episode and it was the one where samantha and possibly the other girls, or just carrie, are in an exercise class, and doing stretches on their fronts i think and samantha catches the eye of the guy next to her and mouths "wanna fuck?"

because i hadn't seen any of it, i thought "oh my god what the fuck is this?"

but then it was still years more before i watched it. after it was all done with on tv here, clokes and i got the dvds from the shop, one by one and sat down and watched from beginning to end. now i know this is shattering his macho image, so we'll keep it between us yeah? but he enjoyed it as much as i did. his foot would wiggle when the intro soundtrack was on. we loved it. we got into it. so that was just last year. wonderful wonderful stuff to watch from beginning to end over a couple of months.

i could even start again from the beginning.

sublime-ation said...

sorry, late, but I love this post.

It's all so true. And John Corbett, you had me at 'Good Morning Cicely, Chris in the Morning here'.

And MG, how cute is Clokes? I love a man who loves SATC.

Also, we were talking about this the other night in mixed company, and it appears men hate SJP. Women like, men hate. Have you found this to be true also?

Magical_M said...

Oooh oooh oooh! Yes! I do remember that!! John Corbett. Definitely a member of the Guilt Free Three.

I too have found that men appear to hate SJP. Don't know why - they've not yet given me a decent reason. For some reason all the men I know who have seen SATC seem to prefer Charlotte! Too weird. Maybe its because she's the one who is happy to play the little wifey?

sublime-ation said...

Yes! One guy I quizzed even said he liked Charlotte best, but with bigger boobs!

She's the WORST character.



the anti-SJP thing all seems to be about her looking like 'an ugly hag', apparently. Maybe men really don't like skinny skinny women.