Sunday, February 17, 2008

'Tis the Season

Ahhhhh, its that time of year again. Time for my beloved boys to return to doing what they do best (well, most of the time).

I thought for sure, that the game today would be televised in Sydney, since we are playing the Swans.



No. Non. Niente. Nein. Noooooo siree bob.

No. Channel Ten, in its infinite programming wisdom decided that instead of watching the world's greatest game, those staying in on a Sunday afternoon might like to watch this piece of bollocks.

For fuck's sake.

If it wasn't for So You Think You Can Dance, I'd boycott Channel Ten.



MelbourneGirl said...

'carn the cats.

woo hoo.

and all that.


BEVIS said...

'Carn the Swannies!!

(Did we win? I have no idea.)

Hi, btw. I've posted something on my blog, if you're interested ...

Magical_M said...

About time bevis my friend!

I shall mosey over there shortly.

'carn AFL in general. Sometimes I hate living in a league state.

BEVIS said...

Thank you, but you didn't answer my question ...

(Really; I have no idea ... but I'm guessing the Swans lost, because I haven't heard anything about it from my family in Sydney.)

Magical_M said...

Yes bevis. You lost.

We beat you in round 1.

Sorry 'bout that.

Crows beat us on Saturday.

I'm sorry 'bout that too.

I hate the Crows.

BEVIS said...

Well, there you go then.

Good on you for lasting an extra week.