Friday, April 03, 2009

But wait, there's more

I am beginning to question exactly what it is I am putting out into the universe that is making these things happen to me...

So Wednesday night the wallet was stolen as I was having a drink after working a 14 hour straight shift.

Then last night, after a trying day, getting replacement cards, having another busy night at work and having to get a cab home because I missed the last train... I thought I'd light the oil burner and try and relax a little.

There's a fan in front of the shelf where I keep the tea light candles.  As I was leaning over it to grab a candle, my necklace got caught in the grill of the fan without me realising and as I stood up the chain snapped and broke.

This wasn't just any necklace though.  It was the silver version of this necklace:

Tiffany & Co.  Paloma Picasso.   TIFFANY & CO.

I am gutted.  It might be able to be fixed, but I'll have to sweet talk the repair crew at Tiffany's into it... last time they fixed (4 years ago), it they said it was getting a bit too worn (but complimented me on my excellent care of it given it was given to me 10 years ago and I have worn it every single day.)

So, yes.

Did I mention it was TIFFANY & CO?

What is the universe trying to tell me?  That I'm too attached to designer goods?

Possibly.  But considering how few designer items I actually own, I wouldn't have thought so.

Oh well.

Yazz.  Yazz.  Yazz. Yazz.  Yazz.*

* See previous post.


Melba said...

oh no, that's definitely not good. but at least your neck didn't break! (trying to think of something positive.)


speaking of designery goods. my next one is a vintage chanel jacket. yes. you heard me right. this will take some doing though...

magical_m said...

Funnily enough I've been ok about it since I wrote that... and I've stopped wearing the two rings I usually wear as well, so I'm completely free of any jewellery! It feels quite liberating...

Oh and Vintage and Chanel are two of my favourite words...