Thursday, April 02, 2009

Rocha.John Rocha.

My purse was stolen last night.  My beautiful Rocha.John Rocha brown leather purse which I bought in London last year.

I loved that purse.  LOVED it.  More than words can possibly express.

The cards that were in it are being replaced (I just have to remember all of them) and I guess I'll just have to put up with the fact that someone has probably already spent the A$25 and €50 cash that was in there, but I'm having real trouble coping with the fact that another person is in possession of my beautiful purse.  Or worse, that they've dumped it somewhere after emptying it of all contents.  No.  I don't want to think about that.

On the plus side (and there always is one), it has forced me into updating all my contact details to my new Melbourne address.

But there are a bunch of cards which I use infrequently, which I just cannot remember.  So I am asking my lovely readers (well the two of you who still read/comment!) if you wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to list the different cards you have in your purses, to see if any of them jog my memory.

I'd be ever so grateful.  As grateful as I was to Constable Daniel, Tiffany, Jade, Jenny, Guy, Kerry and all the other call centre staff who have helped me this morning.

Despite the last 24 hours being rather trying, the Yazz principle is currently being applied and appears to be working.*


* Definition of the Yazz principle is located here.


davy jones overlocker said...

isn't it HORRENDOUSLY irritating.

medicare card?

I also have a cleggs discound card and a Reader's Feast card.

Which I should tell you about! Reader's Feast, downstairs on the corner of Bourke and Swanston in the city, is a pretty good bookshop (and to the best of my knowledge not aligned with any of the evil book empires) You show your card every time you buy a book and every 6 months they send you a book voucher. It doesn't cost anything, either.

As a Book Purchaser (TM) I like it.

Magical_M said...

It is indeed... but funnily enough Medicare were the easiest to deal with and didn't require a police incident number and mountains of paperwork!

All the frequent flyer places on the other hand... grrrr.

And don't get me started on the NSW RTA. I've been waiting almost two months to get an appointment with Vic Roads to change my license over and the NSW RTA want me to "come into their offices during business hours with ten different forms of ID" so I can get a replacement card to take to Vic Roads to swap for a Victorian license.

But thank you for telling me about Reader's Feast! I will be working in the city on Saturday so will pay them a visit during my break!

I love a good bookshop.

Melba said...

oh darl that's no good, i'm sorry to hear...

here's what i've got:

atm cards
credit cards
spotlight card
palace cinema card
library card
country road discount card
smiggle rewards card

mmmm, pretty boring really.

BUT THE PURSE oh the purse.