Thursday, March 18, 2010

Call Yourself Men?

First off, don't slate me for reading the Daily Mail. It's my trashy indulgence even though I know it's just a little bit wrong.

What's upset me in the last few days is reading this. And this. And this really upset me.

So the first we know to be fact. Well, the bit about them splitting up anyway. Which is a shame because I quite like Kate Winslet. I thought she was ace in both The Reader and Revolutionary Road and I still adore watching Sense and Sensibility. I never really cared much for Sam Mendes but they seemed to be quite a devoted couple and happy. But clearly that wasn't the case. And it seems as though he's been having a bit on the side.

The second is not yet proven. And I really, really, REALLY hope that it's just some skank who once met Jesse James in passing and is being paid a small fortune to pretend that she slept with him. Because if it's true I am going to lose my faith in men altogether. Sandra Bullock seems like one of the nicest, funniest, most caring actresses in Hollywood and in marrying Jesse she took on a whole bundle of baggage including his two ex-wives, three kids and a nasty custody battle and has handled it all with decency, dignity and grace.

Decency, dignity and grace don't appear to be among the attributes possessed by this McGee woman. Perhaps if she had some she wouldn't have sold her story to the tabloids.

And it took Sandra so long to find a nice bloke, I really thought she had finally found one and it gave me hope that one day I might find one too.

I'm losing hope.

The third scandal hurts me to even write about. Mark Owen you were the NICE one! Well, you and Gary. But Gary is a bit dull and you were nice and cheeky and funny. And you seemed so smitten with your missus and you had two cute kids. And Emma looks like a lovely, normal girl. So... WHY. THE. FUCK? You've lost a lot of love from me fella. And I've had a lot of love for you since the early 90's. We're talking nearly 20 years of love. Gone. Down the drain because you couldn't keep your dick in your pants and show some respect for the mother of your children.

I'm so disappointed by these men. I'm not claiming that the Kate and Sandra and Emma were saints - I'm sure they have their flaws - but the fact that these men had so little respect for them that they would even consider cheating is really sad.

Perhaps if Sam Mendes and Jesse James and Mark Owen (and Tiger Woods and John Terry and Ashley Cole and a whole other bunch of men in high profile roles in society) learned some respect for their wives, other men might take note and the world might be a little nicer.

Then the Daily Mail would only have to report on happy and funny events, like Smithy's Sports Relief sketches.


kathie said...

:(. Yep, it's sad.

elaine said...

slate you? nope. Not me.

why does it seem to be impossible for so many men to treat women with respect?

magical_m said...

Makes me cranky. I hope Betty White comes good on her promise to "kick his [Jesse James'] ass". I'd like to see that...

You don't fuck with a Golden Girl.

Chai said...

Just saw this regd Ms Bullock.

magical_m said...

I reckon she'll keep good on that Chai... but Sandra's a classy chick, so he'll lose his balls, that's for sure, but the spectacle of it just won't be plastered all over the Daily Mail.

magical_m said...

PS - If the current reports are true and Elin is dumb enough to take Tiger back, then I reckon she should be taken to task for sending a message to Tiger (and the male population at large) that you can screw around however much you like, but your missus won't be mad for very long and in the end you'll get away with it. What a fool.