Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started

Happy Birthday!

New readers to my blog will probably not have seen this old post... unless you've spent time trawling through my archives, in which case, I salute you. You're either very keen or have too much time on your hands. Pick whichever you prefer.



The Birthday List.

I recently revisited this post myself and realised that back in 2006, I had committed a grave oversight and left a very important person from my youth off the list. Shame m_m. Shame.

I need to put this to rights.

From my first discovery of this lovely bass player
(you totally see where this is going, don't you?) and his bandmates at the age of 10, I was in youthful lust. When I discovered he shared my birthday, I was fully convinced we were soulmates.

Don't diss me.

We all had those fantasies as teenagers. I challenge any woman to prove that their teenage self never entertained thoughts of being "Mrs [insert name of favourite rock star here]. In my case, I wavered between several*. But this guy was always lurking in the top five. Hell, he still does.

So, in addition to wishing myself a Happy Birthday, I would also like to wish joyeux anniversaire to the (equal first**) hottest bass player of the 80s... John Taylor.

Look at that bone structure. He was soooo pretty. He's not quite so pretty now, but has developed into quite a handsome being and is still totally hot... so my teenage crush still stands.


Happy Birthday Nigel. Sorry I forgot to invite you to the party in 2006, but you're invited this year. Hell, I'll even make you guest of honour.


Nicole Kidman still isn't invited. She'd scare off all my friends with her freaky face and surly attitude.

* I have notebooks covered with scrawl to attest to the fact that at certain points in my early teens I was planning to be: "Mrs Steve Norman"; "Mrs John Taylor"'; "Mrs Martin Kemp"; "Mrs Jason Bateman"; "Mrs Patrick Swayze"; and "Mrs Andrew McCarthy. Typical Gemini. Always changing my mind.

** He's equal first with Martin Kemp. I have never been able, and will never be able to choose between the two for world's hottest bass player.

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Chai said...

Many happy returns! Hope you had a fab day. And his name is Nigel? I had to look it up.