Monday, November 01, 2010

Cheesy Covers of the Day

This weekend I went on a little trip to Daylesford. Lovely place. Ate myself into a food coma but still managed to fit into two little vintage frocks which were purchased this afternoon at a marvellous vintage marketplace called The Mill.

That's another post however.

Whilst at The Mill, I discovered boxes and boxes of old vinyl. Most was standard 70s and 80s fare... at least 9 copies of The Village People's 'Can't Stop The Music' and 6 copies of ABBA's 'Arrival', for example.

But I noticed a fabulous trend among the album covers of solo male artists of that era, so decided to whip out the old Lumix and snap a few. I did consider purchasing them, but I think that would have been far too embarrassing. Taking sneaky snaps while no one was around is far less obvious.

So here we go... Cheesy Covers of the Day:

Shaun Cassidy. Less famous (half) brother of David. Son of Shirley Jones. One half of The Hardy Boys.

A bit of childhood crush of mine (I was a big Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew fan). Until today, when I discovered that he was a possessor of pretty average dental hygiene. If you studied the cover closely, there were bits of food (or tobacco, or something more disgusting) in his teeth. And his gums were all puffy, like he didn't brush properly. Ewwwwww.

Next up we had another (brief) childhood crush of mine... Leif Garrett.

Let's just NOT go there ok? I was clearly a strange child.

Next up we have a icon of the world of 80's ballads... the 'Repeat Offender' himself - Richard Marx. I'd forgotten what a dodgy album cover this was.

Honestly, the man has a smaller waist than I do. Than I did in the 80's even! And I was a skinny teen. He also had far bigger hair than me. Totes unfair.

Next up, a double bill. I think one of the sales assistants was lurking and I wasn't entirely sure what their policy on people taking photos of the merchandise was, so did a quick "line 'em up together and take the shot".

Andy Gibb... the best looking of the Gibb brothers, no contest. And Julio Iglesias. If you don't know who he is, then you shouldn't be reading this blog. He's the original cheesy crooner... his stuff is hysterically funny.

That pose of Andy's is gold. If you squint a bit he almost looks like Heath Ledger. In fact, if Heath was still with us, I'd be starting up a campaign for him to play Andy in a biopic. I'd go see that. Wonder who'd play Maurice though? Hmmmm. Something to think about.


Next up, the Young Doctor himself... Mark Holden.

I really don't remember any of his songs, but I know there was some kind of rose involved somehow. I wonder if he used to do that stupid 'touchdown' arm-wave back in those days? No. Actually I don't wonder. I don't care.


Hands up who remembers this little corker? Sing along with me now - "Boom Boom Boom, let's go back to my room..."

Yes indeedy, it's the Greek-American one hit Hi-NRG wonder himself - Paul Lekakis.

Look at that pout. What a purty thing he is. Sexy and purty. And just a tad cross-eyed.


This is the piece de resistance...

It's not a pop album.

Nor is it a rock album.

It's not even Hi-NRG.

No, it's an album of...

Yoga. An album of yoga.

There are so many things I love about this album that I don't know where to begin. Firstly, the eye shadow. Blue, to match the leotard. Which is tie-dyed. Utterly fabulous. Then, we have the tagline "Vocal Instruction to Indian Music".

I put this pic up on facebook and almost immediately my friend Jimbo commented to say he owned it. I of course thought he was joking and said as much, but then he countered with "his voice is bizarre... the whole thing feels like an SNL skit without a punchline", which leads me to believe that yes, one of my friends actually does own this album.

I love that so much.

So, so much.


Chai said...

If you ask me, the common theme is the hair :-)

magical_m said...

Yep - it's aaaallll bad.

But not as bad as Shaun Cassidy's teeth.