Thursday, June 02, 2011



It's been a month since I posted. Slacker. But I have been busy, honest.

Holding down two jobs is a little tiring - I need to get better at juggling the requirements of both. Even though one of the jobs allows me to work from home for 4 hours a week, I never seem to be able to set aside a proper chunk of time during daylight hours to do that, and end up working until 2am the night before I'm due to go in.

It's also only TWO WEEKS until I leave for my 40th birthday extravaganza in NYC, the Catskills and London!

[insert loud SQUEEEEEEEEE here]

When I first had the idea a year or so ago I never thought it would: (a) come off; (b) be so enthusiastically adopted by my friends; or (c) require so much organisation! Working out accommodation for 8 of us, taking into account various budgets, expectations and personalities has been challenging, to put it mildly. When you're also asking friends coming from around the globe, some of whom have never met each other, to share a room, there's potential for disaster, but I think it's all going to be ok.

The other issue has been that I'm NOT a planner. I tend to just amble along with a rough idea and see where the day takes me. This is the complete opposite of several of my friends who like to have every day planned down to the minute, so it'll be interesting to see how it all goes!

The lovely Britney has organised by actual birth-day - I got to make suggestions but I don't know exactly what we're going to be doing. I do know that we're going to Tiffany & Co so I can buy my present to myself - an Elsa Peretti pendant I've had my eye on for two years. I reckon turning 40 is worthy of a blue box, don't you?

I've also booked myself in this gorgeous little place in the Catskills for a week. Just me, my laptop and nature. If this doesn't get me writing, I don't know what will.

Isn't it just divine?

The place has no phone or mobile connection, but it does have wifi, so expect a blog or two while I'm there. Maybe.

In the meantime, I still have a whole lot more to do so that's me away. Just wanted to check in and say hi.

Hope you're all well!


PS - Things I'm liking at the moment (in no particular order): pan-fried haloumi; my fleecy black tights; walking through the autumn leaves; watching the EastEnders Omnibus each week; and Glee.

PPS - Things I don't really care for at the moment (again, in no particular order): train delays; waking up early on cold mornings; Dr Zhivago (the musical - it's like a Russian Bold & The Beautiful where Eric is having an affair with Brooke's granddaughter but the acting's worse); and our Prime Minister. She's such a disappointment.

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