Friday, April 20, 2012

Killing Time...

No, I'm not killing anything.  I've just got a little bit of time up my sleeve between finishing work and heading off to the get the train to Williamstown. I could go shopping, but I'm watching the pennies... besides I don't actually "need" anything. 

The play I'm in is in Williamstown.  Which is on the opposite side of the city from where I live, so there's no point going home between work and 7pm, which is our call time.

[twiddles thumbs]

We opened last night - our season is for just on 3 weeks.  It was a good show - (almost) everything ran smoothly and our cast (of 12) all had really good energy.  It's been more fun than I thought... the only glitch in it all for me has been the distance I have to travel (by public transport) and the director's penchant for keeping us back for an hour of notes after each tech/dress run, which means I don't get home until close to 1am.

But now that we're actually "in season" and the director can't keep us back every night for notes and I have a gorgeous co-star who very kindly drops me off in the city after the show, so I can get the second-last train of the night home; my 'glitches' should be eliminated and I can just concentrate on having fun!

I'm now only working 3 days a week as well (Tues, Wed & Fri) which is heavenly.  I've been able to catch up with people I haven't seen in ages and get stuff done around the house.  Awesome.

I'm into Week 8 of Walking In The World, which is going well - I'm really enjoying that too.  I'm enjoying a lot of things at the moment!  Glass is definitely (more than!) half-full!

So what's new in YOUR life?


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