Sunday, July 07, 2013

Down with Daphne

I'm not ashamed to admit I read the Daily Mail.  Well, at least not on this blog.  Ask me if you see me out in public and I may deny it.  But here, in the relative anonymity of the blogosphere, I'll 'fess all.  

In amongst all the conjecture over when Kate & Will's bub is actually due, what sex it will be and what they'll name it (my picks are July 16, girl and Charlotte because it's the female form of Charles - just in case you were wondering); today I spotted this little gem from the (un-enhanced) mouth of Jane Leeves.

Yes, she-who-is-best-known-for-playing-the-love-of-Niles-life, has spoken out about the obsession with surgery which so many actresses have. The before and after photos of some of them are really quite disturbing. My birthday twin, Nicole Kidman, I am looking firmly in your direction. 

Now I'm not saying there's no place in the world for plastic surgery.  If your face is mauled by a chimpanzee or you've been the victim of an acid attack, then plastic surgery is a wonderful thing.  But if you're freaked out by growing old - especially if you're a Hollywood actress or actor who thinks that the only way to remain employable is to try and slow (or reverse) the natural ageing process, then you're an idiot.  And if you undergo surgery and blatantly lie about it (again, looking at you NiKi), then you're double the idiot.

Apart from anything else (and this is where I heartily agree with Ms Leeves), what kind of message is this sending to young women?  Firstly, you're endorsing the notion that ageing is something to be avoided at any cost and the only way to succeed in this world is to remain young and beautiful looking. Secondly, you're placing an emphasis on looks, rather than intelligence, or eduction, or talent.  And finally, by lying about it, you're duping these same young women into thinking that you're actually ageing naturally without lines or wrinkles. 

Of course, it could be argued that it's nobody's business but your own, but you know what? You chose a life of publicity and like it or not, that comes at a price - the price being that you are a role model for millions of people, including young women.  Many of you have daughters yourselves.  Is this really the message you want to send them?

Thank goodness for women like Helen Mirren, Meryl Street, Cate Blanchett, Diane Keaton, Judi Dench and Toni Collette (amongst others) who are choosing to age gracefully and rely on their hard work and talent to keep them employed.

They're certainly the women I'd prefer my nieces and goddaughters to have amongst their role models.

Along with Jane Leeves of course.

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