Thursday, July 25, 2013


Proscandalating (prəskændəletɪŋ). Verb.  To procrastinate by binge-watching Scandal.

For the past four days, I have been neglecting household chores, staying up until all hours and existing on minimal sleep.

Am I busy at work?  Not really.

Am I going out partying?  No. That was last week. 

I've stayed home for the last four nights. I've rejected all manner of invitations and rushed home, ignoring the dishes in the sink and pile of laundry that's becoming a mountain in my bathroom, all in the name of getting my Scandal fix.

It's quite disturbing. I haven't been this obsessive over a TV show since someone bought me the box set of The West Wing for my birthday and I spent a happy Sunday watching eleven episodes back-to-back.

(As an aside, one of the key characters in Scandal, is a WW alum.  Joshua Malina. Follow him on Twitter. He's hilarious. And sarcastic. Two of my favourite attributes in a person. He's also very, very good in this show.)

Anyway, I'm up to S02E12. Which leaves me 10 episodes to watch before Season 3 starts later this year. Of course, I'm going to watch them in the next two or three days. You can bet on that.

Anyway.  My point. Was there a point? I think there was.

Oh! Yes!  I remember.

There was a scene in S02E11, when... no wait. Context. You need context.

Basically this show is about a former White House Communications Director who leaves to start her own crisis management firm, but still has close ties to the White House. It was created by Shonda Rhimes, who is a very smart cookie. (We'll forgive her the disaster that was Crossroads. I'm sure it was a "fuck-I-need-to-pay-the-rent-somehow" job and we've all got one of those on our CV).

Anyway, the Chief of Staff (Cyrus) is played by the most excellent Jeff Perry. He's a Republican. He's gay. And he's married. To a journalist (James) played by the also excellent Dan Bucatinsky. To keep his husband happy (and for various other reasons you'd find out if you watch the show), Cyrus has arranged for them to adopt a newborn baby girl.

So that's the context.  (As another aside, can I just say I love that they write this marriage like a marriage. There's no big hoo-ha over them being gay. They're just married. That's how it is. I love it.)


S02E11. James goes to the hospital to meet his baby for the first time. He's pretty anxious and excited and is rambling. But when the baby is put in his arms for the first time, his exclamation is not one of how beautiful she is, but a response to something the nurse says.  He says:

"She's so intelligent!"

He then goes on to gush about how gorgeous she is, but his first words about her were not to do with her looks, but her brain.  I loved that. It was a tiny thing, but powerful.

More parents need to respond to their babies that way.  We'd have an even smarter and more equal generation of women PDQ, I reckon.

I also saw this today:

I love it.  I've always been really careful about playing into stereotypes with my nieces and god daughters.  I don't want them obsessing so much with their looks or their weight or their popularity that they neglect their intelligence or compassion or creativity.  God knows, I spent the majority of my childhood/teen years striving for the former and I'm STILL trying to tip the balance in favour of the latter.

Reminders like the image above are important.

That one little line written into that script has impact.

And they both make me feel just a little bit better about proscandalating.

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Pandora Behr said...

What a fabulous sticker - should be written everywhere.

have fun Proscandalising - love it (I lhave West Wing marathons regularly)