Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guess Where I Am?

Hmmmm. My last post was in February. That's certainly a while. I could make all manner of excuses, but it's nothing I've not used as an excuse before.

Now those of you who are real-world mates will already know where I am. For those who aren't:

This is Goroka, Papua New Guinea, where I've been living for the last 5 weeks. I'm here for another 2 weeks, so technically I'm not 'living' here, but I'm certainly not on vacation - I'm working, plus I'm staying with one of my old flatmates from Sydney, so I'm going to go ahead and say I'm living here.

It's like nothing I've ever really experienced before - even when I spent 3 months in Africa I was always on the go from place to place (and not working) so I never got to experience the day-to-day of living in a developing country.

This place is one massive juxtaposition, but I'm loving it. I won't get into specifics here - instead I'm going to try and do some separate posts about it. To you know, make up for the fact I've been completely slack on the blog front this year.

Let's see how it goes.


Pandora Behr said...

Goroka - wow - my uncle was stationed up there in the seventies. I'm in awe.

elaine said...

how exciting!

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