Monday, June 02, 2008

F(lippin') H(opeful) (aren't you) M(ate)?

So according to this article in today's SMH, one in three Aussie men want to marry a virgin.


Good old
FHM. Telling us what we really need to know.

Bit late now for most of me and my friends who are still single. Does that mean our chances of marrying one of these (clearly) eligible young men are dashed forever because (shock, horror!) we've engaged in pre-marital sex?

Gosh. Get me to a nunnery.

Funny how you never see these articles in women's magazines. I wonder how many Aussie women would prefer to marry a man who's a virgin?

I'd like to see that statistic.

On one hand, it might be nice to get a bloke who doesn't know what he's doing and train him up, so to speak.

On the other hand, isn't it better to have someone who's gone through all that fumbling, awkward, no-idea-what-he's-doing stage and is confident in their level of ability?

I really don't know what this reveals about the male population of this nation, other than that one third of FHM readers really are best avoided by the female population.

Anyway. As you were.


Melba said...

locket is in london? i wondered what had happened to her. (i just read your post below).

also, i saw that little story about the men and virgin marriages and also thought what fools.

hugs to you, dear lady.


Magical_M said...

She is indeed. Has been for some time. I don't know if she's still reading our blogs, but I like to think she drops by every now and again.

Hugs to you too!