Friday, June 06, 2008

Woman of the Week

Lily Allen, you are one top chick.

Love the image of Bambi with the slashed jugular. Goes nicely with the pink hair.

Firstly, you do what the average person would do when celebrating something major (in your case winning a Glamour award). C'mon people. Admit it. We've all been completely bladdered at some point in our lives. Bladdered to the point of "oh dear, now my legs won't actually carry me home". Don't lie. Yes you have.

However, In Lily's case, she had a few burly bodyguards to help her out. Most of us would have relied on the "not quite as trollied friend" to help us out.

Is it just me, or does that bodyguard look like the lovechild of Jason Donovan and Phil Mitchell from EastEnders?

But what I
really love about you Lily, is that you do what most celebs wouldn't do the next day and freely admit your error instead of having your publicist try to blame it on some mystery illness.

Glass of chardy in one hand, Glamour award in the other. Stylish. Until it all goes pear-shaped.

You put it out there, on your My Space page and say " Yes, I did it. Of course I did it. But, no, I'm not proud of it and I think I ended up looking like a knob so don't try this at home kids."

And then you go for a fry up.

Top banana Lily.


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