Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All Roads Lead To Melbourne

Here's a few stats to start us off:

Number of blogs I posted in 2005:  92
Number of blogs I posted in 2006:  102
Number of blogs I posted in 2007:  20
Number of blogs I posted in 2008:  34

Date I joined facebook:  April 2007.

I think I see a correlation. Or perhaps not.  Stats was never a strong subject of mine.

Anyway.  I'm back.  I know I've been quieter than Paris Hilton of late (on a side-note, where HAS Paris Hilton been lately?  I've not seen her splashed around the tabloids as much as usual), but I'm back with a renewed determination to blog more.

Especially since new facebook isn't as fun anymore.

So... bit of an update for you.

Last time we spoke I was about to get on a plane bound for Europe.  I did, I stayed for just over 6 weeks and then I ran out of money and had to come back.  With 43kgs of checked baggage.  Thank goodness the check-in lady was distracted by my ravings about the superiority of shopping in London vis a vis Sydney, and forgot to charge me excess baggage.


So anyway, Europe was wonderful, I knew I missed it but I hadn't realised quite how much.  However visas aren't an easy thing to come by when you're in my age bracket and not working in a 'preferred occupation', so I had to resign myself to the fact that for now, I will remain a permanent resident of Australia.  If however David Tennant or Max Beesley would like to support my bid for a British passport by offering their services as a husband, then I would be most grateful.

Upon my return to Sydney, I was expecting to jump right back into a bunch of school shows, therefore paying off the purchases which made up most of the excess baggage.  However the muppet who was my former employer had not been doing his job and all but two of the shows which had been tentatively booked prior to my departure had been either cancelled, or converted to shows which would not be performed by my partners in crime and I, but rather by aforementioned muppet and one of the other owners of the company.  Therefore they would be paid for a couple of thousand worth of gigs and we were left unemployed.


Lovely flatmate came up with a bit of work assisting her with her PhD (ie getting her organised) and doing some transcription for another project she was working on at uni, and there were a few boxie shifts each week, but not enough to keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed.  Also, the cost of rent in Sydney is beyond rude and my desire to live on my own was becoming completely unachievable. 

So in November, whilst in Melbourne to attend my baby cousin's wedding*, I lined up a job interview and stuck around for a weekend to check the place out with a view to moving.

Didn't get the job, but really loved the city, so whilst visiting la famillie in Radders at Christmas, I did a bit of thinking and decided to make the move to Melbourne.

Which I did on 31 January.  Hired a car, loaded it up with a bunch of clothes and "things-I-couldn't-live-without-while-the-rest-of-my-stuff-remains-in-storage-at-BestieP's", made myself a playlist for the iPod and drove the 800kms or so down here.

Best decision I've made in a long while.

Despite missing Bestie P, Piper-J and the Tater-Tot dreadfully**, I have adapted to life here in Melbourne like a true local.

Some of the positives include:
  • Better coffee.  Seriously. I don't know how they do it, but it tastes much better.

  • Cheaper transport.  $29 a week for unlimited train, tram and bus. Ace.

  • Cheaper rent.  $90 a week.  Yes, I'm sharing with 3 others, but the place is HUGE and a lot of times I have it all to myself.  Like the past 5 hours for example.  And $90 a week is ridiculously cheap.

  • Nicer people.  They speak nicely to you when you enter a shop.  They say please.  And thank you.

  • Cheaper beauty treatments.  I went to the local beautician's yesterday for a bit of a wax.  What costs me $105 in Sydney cost me $50.  That's less than half price!

  • Bike paths.  I have a bike and I'm not afraid to ride it like I was in Sydney, because here there are proper bike paths.

  • More work.  I've worked more hours in the last two weeks than I did in my last two months in Sydney.  That's gotta be a plus.

  • No cockroaches.  Not a one.  Having lived the last 6 years in the inner west where they are rampant, I am very excited by this.

  • Hawks home games.  Bliss.

I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could come up with plenty more, but I'll save that for another post.  Time to go and take the banana bread I just made out of the oven.

And plan what I'm going to write in tomorrow's post.


*  Re baby cousin's wedding - remember I was concerned about being stuck at the same table as geeky second cousin Simon?  Well I shouldn't have been.  No.  It was far worse... I was sat at the single girl's table with all the bride's BITCHY friends who made rude comments during the speeches.  I would have gladly sat with geeky second cousin Simon after putting up with them for 4 hours. 

* I also really miss Dare.  Can anyone recommend an equivalent?  Big M just doesn't cut it.


davy jones overlocker said...


Welcome to my city.

and back.

reblogging is the new black. or something.


ps where did you find such cheap rent????

Magical_M said...

Thank you!

Yes - I think reblogging is the new black. I like that idea!

Cheap rent is in Yarraville. On the plus side its only 20 mins train from the city and has some great shops and cafes plus the awesome Sun Theatre. However on the downside we're next to an industrial wreckers, who start moving their cranes and trucks at about 5.30am each weekday.

Oh well. Its only for the short term and for $90 I can afford ear plugs.