Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Buffy the Baby Slayer (and other random observations)

Congratulations to Buffy!

Not just because she and Freddie have finally had their little bundle of joy, but because they've bucked the Hollywood trend of giving the tyke a ridiculous moniker and instead named her Charlotte Grace.

Lovely. Simple. And, like the Sheen boys, will probably be considered quite unusual at Beverly Hills High.

I'll bet that in a few years time young Sparrow Madden will be berating his parents with "why couldn't you have given me a normal name like Charlotte Prinze?".

I'm thinking of taking bets on what Heidi and Seal will call their next one. Which will probably be born any day now. Did you see her at the Emmys? Woooooaaaaah mama! That was a big bump.

On a slight sidetrack - Emmys. The start of the real awards season. I love it.

Doogie Howser did a great job... I was busy scribbling away at notes to assist me in my MC duties at Britney's wedding. Not that I'm going to sing or anything.

Acceptance speech of the night though goes to Kristin Chenoweth. Obviously her agent's not working hard enough, so she's had to take matters into her own hand.

Every year the In Memorium segment brings me to tears (its easily done). This year even more so, partly because the wonderful Sarah McLachlan and more so because of Patrick Swayze. He'll get a whole blog post to himself at some point, but for now, just putting it out there that a little piece of my heart went with him last Monday.

For now though, I'm heading to bed. Although it is tempting to stay up, write some more and watch the final episode of Gilmore Girls. I never knew they'd worked Rory going to cover the Obama campaign into the storyline. Its rather interesting.

Must. Stop. Watching. And. Go. To. Bed.


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