Saturday, December 12, 2009

C*nts Are Still Running the World

Well did you hear, there’s a natural order.
Those most deserving will end up with the most.

That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top,

Well I say: Shit floats.

If you thought things had changed,

Friend you’d better think again,

Bluntly put in the fewest of words,

Cunts are still running the world.

This eloquent piece of Brit Pop was the encore to this evening's marvellous night at the Forum seeing one of my most favourite performers:

"I like pashing. Both the word and the... activity."

Bless his cottons - he'd picked up a Rough Guide to Melbourne for a bit of light reading on the plane and was testing out the Melbourne expressions on us. Pashing appeared to be his favourite one.

The song whose lyrics appear above was his encore and was directed at what's going on in Copenhagen right now.

It was rather apt.

I mean even our own K-Rudd, whom I proudly wore a t-shirt for, hit a new low today with his comment at the unveiling of the new Australian made Toyota Hybrid...

"It's one of those days when we should be saying 'Oh what a feeling, Australia'."

Douchebag. I mean, really. Kevin. Kev. Mate. I know it was probably one of your monkeys who wrote that but you didn't HAVE to say it. It made you sound like a tool.

It made you sound like Tony Abbott. That's the kind of fool remark he'd make.

Shame, K-Rudd, shame.

But enough of numpty politicians. Yeah. Jarvis summed it up rather nicely.

And treated us to a good bit of chat and song. I think a few of the old Pulp fans might have been a bit disappointed... I was hoping to get Sorted for E's and Wizz but upon reflection it's probably just as well. Last time I saw Jarvis (which was when he was with Pulp and I was living in London) I was, ummmm, shall we say, Well Sorted for E's and Wizz, so that song had slightly more significance that it possibly would have had this evening.

Guess I've grown up a bit. As has Jarvis.

He still bloody rocks though.



The Man at the Pub said...

Yay! There is hope for geeks with beards!

magical_m said...

There sure is. I love a geek with a beard. As long as he can play a casio keyboard with two fingers.