Monday, May 24, 2010

Not So Slocomb

Snippet of an actual conversation overheard whilst walking along Spring Street on Friday night:

Guy: "You think that because you have a pussy, I should respect you"

Girl: "Did you just say that 'I think because I have a pussy, you should respect me?' Are you serious? Did you just say that? How f***ing drunk are you?"

This delightful banter continued back and forth for a brief while longer before the guy scarpered across the road with an over-the-shoulder "f*** you bitch".

My lovely friend who was with me at the time, muttered something along the lines of "cut your losses and run sweetheart".

I certainly hope this girl heard that and has taken the advice.

As for us, we continued along Spring Street, picked up some yummy cheese to have with our delicious bottle of Les Tulieries Pinot ($22 - best value red in Melbourne right now I reckon) and headed home, alternately giggling and exclaiming in horror at the attitude of the man in question.

If that's an example of what's out there, is it any wonder I'm choosing to remain single?


Chai said...

I blame his parents.

I reckon there is a proportion of 20 - 25% arseholes out there.

Regd singledom, my impression is that it gets harder as you get older cos one is less willing to put up with any shit than when one is younger.

Did you catch that 30 Rock ep Sunday night?
Was funny when she goes to those singles events.

magical_m said...

No I didn't catch it but I LOVE the link!!

And I love Liz Lemon. I identify with her a little too much at times...