Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Just a few of the things which made me smile this morning:
  • Waking up knowing I didn't have to go to the PR job ever again. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

  • Starting my morning pages again. I'm revisiting The Artist's Way, which was first introduced to me nearly 10 years ago by one of my tutors at drama school - I can never thank her enough.

  • Taking Kitty Lucy for a ride down to Williamstown Beach and back. It was such a gorgeous, still, sunny morning and I felt like I had the world to myself.

  • Being overtaken on the above ride by an elderly couple zooming along on their mountain bikes - go the grey brigade!

  • Deliberately riding through puddles just to hear the squelchy sound my big, fat, white-walled tyres make when they hit the water.

  • The road workers who deliberately stopped all traffic just so I could cross the road under the West Gate where they were in the process of setting up a crane (they'd blocked the bike path on my side). Thanks guys!

  • Stopping off in the village on the way home and filling my bike basket with fresh veggies, crusty bread, leg ham sliced fresh at the butcher's and a new essential oil.

  • Paying all my bills, working out how I'm going to survive with less money coming in and realising I won't have to be as strict with my budget as I thought.

  • Hearing that my friend Priscilla's baby arrived earlier this week. Welcome sweet baby James!

  • Knowing I'm away from the negativity. That's a big one. I've pretty much had a smile on my face all day knowing I don't ever have to see this woman again if I don't want to.

How's your Wednesday been so far?

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