Tuesday, May 04, 2010

There's a Topic For You...

My flattie and I are being a bit geeky, sitting here in the living room watching TV and tapping away on our laptops. Hey, it's raining. We're both a bit broke. No desire to go out.

Anyway, I just asked Kate for a topic to blog on.

At the same time, the new Magnum ad came on the TV. (Have you seen it? Its a bit of a Mission Impossible/Mr & Mrs Smith/James Bond type thing.)

So this new Magnum ad stars Benicio Del Toro.

And following the initial moment of "is that... nooo... is it?", Kate turned to me and said:

"THERE'S a topic for you. What are we, Japan? Getting celebs to do stupid product endorsement?"

So I thought, yep. I'll do a post on that.

Until I googled it to make sure it actually was Benicio.

And discovered this article, which is far better than what I could ever write.

Oh well.

It's Top Gear time anyway.


Chai said...

With celebs doing ads, I say "So what?". If someone is happy to pay them to do it, then just do it, I reckon.

Regd topics, why any woman would find Troy Buswell attractive.

I wonder if his wife would take him back. I dont remember any mention of her in the media.

magical_m said...

I'm inclined to agree with you there Chai. If they want to do it and they need the money then why the hell not.

Re Troy Buswell. DO. NOT. UNDERSTAND. He's foul.

It's like Gareth Evans and Cheryl Kernot all over again.


Chai said...

Gareth is not as repulsive as Troy, I reckon.

But then, some women like the chair-sniffing, bra-snapping type. What do I know?

magical_m said...

They're both manked. I just don't get it AT. ALL.