Tuesday, April 12, 2011

39 Steps To 40

As part of my "Road to 40" I thought I'd post a list of significant (to me) events and achievements in my life. Some are small, some are not, but they've all helped shape me into the person I now am. I actually started this on 17 October last year, but life has been a little hectic since then and I haven't disciplined myself enough to complete it until now.


39 Steps to 40.

(or: My Life So Far)

In the years that I have been in existence on this earth I have...

  1. Driven solo across the USA... 32 states in total. In a bronze Pontiac Sunbird with a sunroof. Mostly in winter.

  2. Trekked across Africa for three months.

  3. White water rafted the Zambezi (and only capsized once).

  4. Climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

  5. Watched the Trooping of the Colour in London, with my mum, on her first ever day overseas (it was a bit emotional for her, as it was something she'd dreamed of doing since she was a small child).

  6. Completed a drama degree.

  7. Started my own business.

  8. Performed on stage at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide (twice, at the ages of 11 & 12).

  9. Sang karaoke at a bar in New Orleans (The Go-Go's 'Our Lips Are Sealed'. Always a crowd pleaser at 2am).

  10. Been to the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day (but didn't meet Tom Hanks or any cute little kids).

  11. Stayed in a frat house in Atlanta, Georgia with a friend of a friend. One of the most hilarious, yet disgusting, weekends of my life. Think Animal House without the togas.

  12. Hiked down the Grand Canyon (hiking back up was painful).

  13. Jumped out of a plane. Once. Bungee jumped off a bridge. Twice.

  14. Achieved a teenage dream of seeing Michael Ball perform at the Royal Albert Hall (I was a musical theatre junkie - don't judge me!).

  15. Fallen in love. Many times. Some were worthy, others were not.

  16. Had my heart broken. Many times.

  17. Helped nurse my father while he was dying of cancer.

  18. Got my belly button pierced. Took it out in second year at drama school when I discovered that's exactly the point of my splenic chakra (responsible for creativity). Its removal was the catalyst for some major creative developments.

  19. Got a tattoo. Not saying where or what.

  20. Got a second tattoo, ten years later. Again, not saying where or what.

  21. Sent a fan letter to Ricky Schroeder. I was nine. His 'people' sent back a photocopied letter and a signed photo. I was in tween heaven.

  22. Had a one night stand. Actually, I've had several one night stands. Some good, some not.

  23. Had cancer. Mild form, but still scary to be told you've got cancer when your family history is riddled with it.

  24. Kicked cancer's butt. It'll take more than cancer to get me off this earth.

  25. Learned sign language. Two years at junior primary school and again when I was studying my business degree.

  26. Been so intoxicated that I've blacked out and thrown up. Not necessarily in that order.

  27. Thought it would be a good idea to try to sleep in the snow in -13 degree temperatures in Prague after drinking far too many shots of cheap tequila. Thank god for DP or I may not have lived to tell the tale.

  28. Played the slots in Las Vegas.

  29. Been to Disneyland LA, Disney World Florida and Disneyland Paris. I think that's enough.

  30. Tried most illegal substances except heroin. I have issues with needles.

  31. Overcame a teenage eating disorder and an anxiety disorder. Although I still struggle with both at times.

  32. Been selected to play at district level at hockey. I was a cracker right wing. Never could play on the left though... weird.

  33. Been pen-friends with a girl in Sweden since we were about 12. I've visited her a couple of times and we are still great pals to this day.

  34. Kept this blog for nearly six years... even though I don't write that often nowadays it's still an achievement for me to have stuck to something this long.

  35. Lived in three different countries in over 25 different houses. Considering I didn't actually leave my childhood home until I was in my early 20s, that's quite a few changes of address for my driver's licence.

  36. Been a bridesmaid (once) but never a bride. But that's ok, because I don't think I actually want to be. Or if I do I'd like to just elope to Vegas. Or the registry office.

  37. Survived a life-threatening illness (epiglottitis at the age of 2). Mostly I just remember being in an oxygen tent and getting new Fuzzy Felts and my first ever Barbie.

  38. Swum naked in the ocean (Samos, Greek Islands, June 1996)

  39. Sat next to the members of Massive Attack on a flight from London to Copenhagen in 1996 without knowing who the hell they were. We shared an entire packet of Silk Cuts (BA flights back then were still split into smoking and non-smoking sections) and a few bottles of chardy, yet it wasn't until we walked out into the throng of screaming fans at Copenhagen airport that I discovered they weren't just "with a band" as they'd earlier claimed.

So there you go. Some of the highlights (and lowlights) of the first four decades of my life. There's gotta be a novel in there somewhere...



Pomgirl said...

I really enjoyed reading your list and it contains so many interesting experiences that each one could be a separate post. I wanted to know more! You should definitely write that novel.

magical_m said...

Thanks lovely lady!