Monday, July 14, 2008

Just a Sample...

This is what has been playing in the internet cafe while I've been here checking my email (and slutbook):

Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship

It Must Have Been Love - Roxette

Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston

Cherish - Kool & The Gang

Kill me now. Please. Its almost as torturous as the pilgrims who have descended on Sydney and are walking around the streets clapping and singing god songs.

Must. Get. Out. Now.


Melba said...

i'd choose those songs over pilgrim-christian-love-feelgood any day.

how much longer until you are able to say "i'm never going to an internet cafe again unless i'm travelling overseas"?


Magical_M said...

fair point. the pilgrim-christian-love-feelgood is doing my head in! even whitney is preferable... just.

i won't have proper access to the internet until i return from o/s in october.