Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meme for Melba

So one of my favourite blogging ladies has complained that no one does memes anymore. Which got me thinking. And searching. And I couldn't find any memes that I wanted to do that I hadn't already done.

And then last night at work I was bored silly and without either laptop or book to keep me occupied so I grabbed pen and paper and scribbled down some ideas. I'm not exaggerating when I say scribbled, my penmanship has been a disaster since the advent of email. Must work on that sometime.


Meme. I was throwing around a few topics. Random ones which came into my head. Involving things like food. Or theatre. Or football. Or TV. And then I came up with fashion. Or more specifically, childhood fashion disasters.

So I thought I'd do a little "fashion through the years" meme. Or something along those lines.

Let's start.

* * * * *

When I was 1, my parents dressed me in:
Romper suits. Bad brown corduroy ones. And a beige wool dress with a peter pan collar with pink embroidered roses on it. My mum still has it. The fabric is horribly itchy... no wonder I was a grumpy baby.

When I was 5, I dressed myself in:
A red and navy tartan skirt and a red and navy fair isle jumper. And brown shoes with yellow smiley faces on the toes. They were ace.

When I was 7, my favourite outfit was:
A white t shirt with an iron-on ABBA transfer. Navy flares with an embroidered apple badge on the bottom of the left leg. Red t-bar shoes.

My favourite school photo outfit was:
When I was ten. I was wearing a sky blue sundress which had a big draped off-the-shoulder-type collar and elasticised waist. There was navy embroidery on the collar - I think it was floral. I distinctly remember the photographer asking me if I was French because when I went home and asked my dad that night if I was French he laughed and laughed.

In high school the fashion trend I started was:
Band t-shirts in PE. The son of a friend of my mum's went to Melbourne to the Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA concert. He rather thoughtfully brought me home a t-shirt which I proceeded to wear constantly. The only time I could get away with wearing it at school though was during PE, with my ugly bottle green sports skirt. T-shirts from the INXS Listen Like Thieves and Dire Straits Brothers in Arms tours were also part of my PE wardrobe.

On my first date the outfit I wore was:
Skinny leg jeans, an oversized v-neck cardie and a fluro t-shirt. Long socks bunched down over the jeans and high top Reeboks. I think we were going to the movies to see The Breakfast Club.

For my high school formal I wore:
A sleeveless black velvet mini-dress with black tights and 8 hole black Doc Martens. My hair was curled into ringlets and held back with a thick black headband. I never was a peach taffeta kinda girl.

At my 21st I wore:
An all-in-one black catsuit. Seriously. What was I thinking?? I was one of the skinniest beings known to man and looked like a black gumby.

The oldest item of clothing I still wear is:
The black knee high Bally boots I bought in London in 1996. They cost me
200 and have been re-soled and re-heeled about three times, but they are still comfortable and classy and I LOVE them.

The item of clothing I wish I still had was:
My beautiful long brown cashmere coat I bought in Marks & Spencer in 1997. I stupidly loaned it to a friend of a friend in Sydney named Monica Steczuk and she never returned it. I'm deliberately naming and shaming her in case any knows her and how to contact her and can give her grief about never returning to me. I also loaned her the beautiful brown and orange scarf and gloves I had that went with it. Grrrr. I hope she's had nothing but bad fashion karma since.

My current favourite item of clothing is:
My new fuschia pink satin ballet flats, which were purchased yesterday in Nine West. They are lovely. And my dark denim jeans. And my fuschia pashmina.

* * * * *

Right. Melba, over to you.



Melba said...


thanks for this. it's good. it's great. and it shall be done.

stay tuned.


Magical_M said...

Hurrah! I look forward to reading yours. Feel free to tweak... I just saw an old Bon Jovi video on VH1 and had a flashback to my white fringed boots days... now they were a fashion trend and a half. I wish I could think of a question which warranted putting them as an answer.


Melba said...

hey i'll get to this, but in the meantime


it's just i know you are coming to melb at some stage soon and thought maybe you will work this game in...

and then we could meet and have a beer. or some such.



Magical_M said...

Awwww I wish I was but no... I'm not coming to Melbourne until November. By which time the season will be over and either your boys or my boys will hopefully be polishing that cup!

Which reminds me, I'd better work out where exactly in Europe I'll be on Grand Final day so I can locate somewhere televising the game.

But I will be watching the Cats v Hawks Friday night game on a TV somewhere, that's for sure.